Betsy DeVos: An Eclectic Education Process

Betsy DeVos is a woman that is dedicated to making a difference. When she accepted her post as Secretary of Education, she knew that there were a lot of people that were going to question her level of experience, her ideas, and her administrative style. Fortunately, Betsy DeVos has been faced with this type of critical feedback in the past and she endured it with grace. Betsy DeVos talked about some of the things that she has done in the field of education in an interview she had some years ago with Philanthropy Roundtable. She is a Michigan native and earned a lot of attention when she became an advocate for the charter school system located in Detroit. She pushed very hard to bring the issue of education to the forefront of people’s minds. Eventually, she earned a spot as a member of several boards dedicated to education including the Foundation for Excellence in Education.


Her direct involvement in the education process did not end there. Together with her husband Dick DeVos, Betsy DeVos helped found a charter school that focused on flight. It was a successful endeavor that continues to educate children to this day. It gave her real-world experience in the education process. Children in this school are educated in a style that speaks to them. This is one of the biggest things that she talked about in her interview with philanthropy Roundtable. She wanted children to feel empowerment when they engaged in the education process instead of disappointment. It is very easy to feel lost in the shuffle and she spoke with many families who felt like their children were not a priority to the public school system. This is one of the major reasons why she has become such an advocate, for those children.


With Betsy DeVos at the helm of education, it is assured that there will be sweeping changes. One of the biggest changes that she wants parents to become cognizant of is there right to choose. “School choice” is a major issue that many parents don’t think about. Instead, they send their children to school because it is what they are supposed to do. Betsy DeVos wants them to understand that there are other educational options available to them that do not include sending their children into subpar public schools. She encourages parents to view all the options and hopes that one day the education process will be as eclectic as Americans themselves.


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Peter Briger: Turning Debt into Profit

Peter Briger studied at Princeton University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and then he went on to join the Wharton School of Business where he studied for his MBA. After graduating in 1987, Peter joined Goldman Sachs where he worked for over 10 years before joining Fortress Investment in 2002.

While he was at Goldman, Peter Briger was able to work under different roles and this allowed him to develop the skills he has today. When he joined Fortress Investment, Peter was placed in the real estate and data security side of things.

In 1997, Peter helped start a special group at Goldman and by 2007, the project has been able to return over $60 million. However, before all this shine, Peter Briger had sold car loans, alcoholic beverages, mortgages, and commercial aircraft. They would buy items that had failed to get capital because of either political or economic reason after which they would retain these acquisitions until their market value was raised or until the markets themselves were constant and reliable to sell them for a profitable amount. Learn more about Peter Briger at

When Peter Briger joined Fortress Capital in 2002, he was able to raise over $4 million for a program known as Fortress Credit Opportunities Fund within the first quarter. In the recent years as banks have been forced to let go of non-profitable assets Peter Briger and his team has been able to salvage the little, they could manage after collecting the spoils. This gave his technique the name, garbage collection of financial services.

Currently, Peter is the co-Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fortress Investment Group in New York. Peter Bridger believes there is an opportunity to gain more from non-profitable assets, especially in the finance industry. Despite the fact that banks are doing better than they were back in 2008 through to 2010, the new regulations and politics have forced them to adopt a new way of running their businesses.

Peter is also a board member at Princeton University and he has contributed funds towards the Central Park Conservancy.

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Rocketship Education Does What is Best for Students

Rocketship Education was misrepresented by an article put out by NPR, and they painted an inaccurate picture of the school. While NPR blogger Anya Kamenetz pointed out a few noteworthy issues, she really missed the mark. The questions that came to the surface such as the use of technology in the classroom, how the staff is allocated, and how classrooms are managed, are not questions for Rocketship schools but are issues that need to be addressed by all schools across the entire country.

When it comes to classroom management, NPR was quite harsh when writing about the policies of Rocketship schools. Most of the regulations and rules enforced by Rocketship schools are not unlike the rules and regulations followed by many other schools, and they are implemented in order to keep a functioning and productive classroom.

Another question that came up was how technology was used. NPR scrutinized the amount of time spent on technology-related activities and reported that students spend almost 80 minutes every day on technology. It has been clarified that students actually spread that time across many different programs such as ST Math, Dreambox, myOn, and Lexia.

Intervention was still another topic under the microscope, and NPR accused Rocketship schools of giving challenging tasks to underqualified teachers and were expected to manage groups of 80 students. It really all depends on how you define “underqualified.” Many schools rely heavily on these “underqualified” teachers to assist certified teachers and to give additional help to students who need it.

Rocketship Schools has some impressive numbers. They have served 18,000 students ad 82 percent of their students come from low-income families. Their mission is to unlock the full potential of their students while fostering an enriched environment where they can learn and be free to express themselves. They’re a network of non-profit schools that help their students to be successful and to build their confidence in a loving environment. Their students are given the tools they need to be the best that they can be. They want to eliminate the achievement gap that is present in our society as well.

A Fantastic Offer is Happening Right Now at the U.S. Money Reserve

Coin collectors and fans of the Harry Potter franchise will love what the U.S. Money Reserve is doing next. From now until Halloween, the U.S. Money Reserve is hosting a Supernatural October Sale. Sponsored by Legendary Precious Metals, the sale revolves around a coin dedicated to the hit movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

To create the proof coin, the exclusive coin requires 1-ounce of .999 silver with a black finish. Furthermore, there are only 10,000 commemorative coins in print. Titled the Cook Islands Fantastic Beasts coin, the coin includes a certificate of authenticity.

It contains the Magical Congress of America’s full name and logo featured in the movie on one side. The front side contains Queen Elizabeth’s face with the words “Elizabeth” and “Cook Islands” on both sides of her. Read more: U.S. Money Reserve Team Attends the U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation’s Lone Sailor Awards Dinner in Washington, D.C.
Near the top is the $5 denomination. At the bottom is the year 2017. We thank Germany’s BH Meyer for minting the coins with such detail. The beautiful coin is exclusive to Legendary Precious Metals’ website only.

Legendary Precious Metals is a section within the U.S. Money Reserve focusing on blending our legal-tender coin with unique collector items. Connect with US Reserve on LinkedIn

Besides the coin dedicated to the Fantastic Beasts’ first movie, the site offers the Gold and Silver Coin Set dedicated to Spiderman: Homecoming. Part of the Supernatural October Sale, this contains an exclusive Stan Lee signature and a certificate of authenticity. Both are on sale until October 31st at midnight.

The U.S. Reserve, known for its exclusive U.S. and foreign gold, silver, and platinum products, is the owner of Legendary Precious Metals. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, the private establishment is a well-oiled machine thanks to Phillip K. Diehl’s leadership.

Our customers rely on our collection to diversify finances, and we offer expert analysis on subjects ranging from numismatics and coin research to inventory and shipping in return.

With Barrett-Jackson’s 47th annual auction tour across four cities, 2018 started strong for the company. It continued to grow with Queen Elizabeth’s exclusive coronation coins in partnership with the Perth Mint.

The climax was two AdSphere award wins. We reflected on exemplary Navy veterans past, present and future at the annual awards dinner. Along with the Supernatural October Sale, the year was nothing short of memorable. The U.S. Money Reserve continues to excel in nothing less than excellence for our customers and the customers remain loyal in return, hungry for what we do next.

Jason Hope And The Internet Of Things Are Here To Stay

Jason Hope is a Scottsdale-based entrepreneur who has made huge strides in the tech field over the past decade. Hope is the founder of Jawa and one of the leaders in the mobile communications field. Born and raised in Tempe, AZ, Hope has stayed in his home state throughout his career but that doesn’t mean that his aspirations and focus aren’t on global concepts. Jason Hope has become one of the foremost champions of the Internet of Things and that makes him one of the leaders in the most innovative industries on the planet. Let us learn about Hope, the Internet of Things, and what is to come in the future.

Let’s get started by talking about what the Internet of Things is in a general way. The Internet of Things is a massive concept that envelops much of the developed world. Essentially, the Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the way by which our world is becoming increasingly and completely connected to the internet. From the way that we connect through social media to the impact that self-driving vehicles are having on our lives, the Internet of Things is very much a huge part of our world. As a futurist and technological professional, Hope knows that he has to pay attention to huge new innovations like those that the IoT is offering to the world.

Jason Hope is no stranger to putting it all on the line in order to support his dreams and goals. Hope came out of school firing on all cylinders after spending years honing his education. Hope graduated from Arizona State University and it was there that he scored his finance degree. After attending ASU, Hope would go on to get his MBA from the WP Carey School of Business. This foundation of education has helped Jason Hope to prepare himself for the fast-moving world of technology.

Hope has made his voice heard in a variety of different industries over his career as an entrepreneur. From his work with the startup mobile communications company Jawa to his support of the Internet of Things, Jason Hope is here to stay.

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Paul Mampilly Warns Against Cryptocurrency Bubble

Caleb Garvin recently discussed Paul Mampilly’s take on the latest cryptocurrency advancement in his article “Paul Mampilly Has Struck Gold Again.” The article was published on the Daily Forex Report website and dives into the reasons Paul Mampilly didn’t invest in the cryptocurrency.

Mampilly reveals that about 8% of Americans currently own cryptocurrency and their entire knowledge of it is centered in Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency was created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 to avoid being regulated by governments and banks. Cryptocurrency is an entirely digital form of currency that is managed with cryptographic patterns and incredibly complex rules. It was designed for electronic payments between big tech companies but it began having incredible growth after pop culture discovered it.

Paul Mampilly believes cryptocurrency is actually the next investment bubble and it might be wise to sell now. The controversial decision is based on his identification of bubbles. Though they are difficult to identify, they can show signs like a sharp rise in public interest, like the late 90’s bubble situation. Mampilly reveals that much of the current sentiment on Wall Street feels similar to the 90’s situation. Many investors are begging him to buy but Mampilly watched the burst in the 90’s and saw hundreds of his friends lose millions of dollars worth of investments.

Mampilly revealed that Bitcoin only continued to rise in value because of the feeding frenzy in the media that constantly claimed the value was rising. By enticing inexperienced investors with the promise of huge profits, people simply did not want to miss out on the opportunity. However, many investors are beginning to understand that the might have missed out on the impressive gains.

Paul Mampilly began his career on Wall Street after graduating from Fordham Gabelli School of Business with his MBA. He went straight to big companies and hedge funds like Bankers Trust Company, ING Funds, and Deutsche Asset Management. He was so talented that he was able to turn $5 billion in investment funds into $25 billion. However, he recognized that Wall Street simply wasn’t doing enough for the average American. This is why he joined Banyan Hill Publishing with his newsletter Profits Unlimited.

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Founder and CEO of GreenSky Credit is old-school entrepreneur

When one thinks of the typical American entrepreneur, images of self-made men who risked everything to achieve success and fortune come to mind. Figures like John D. Rockefeller, Henry Flagler and Andrew Carnegie embody the image of the bold and decisive business leader who wasn’t afraid to put everything on the line when the moment of decision came. Inherent in this idea of the brave and bold businessman was the notion that most wealth, even when ruthlessly acquired, was, at its core and in some sense, deserved.

But nowadays, too often, everyone knows that the game has changed. With too great a frequency, modern fortunes are the result of people who have gone to all the right schools and had the right connections from the beginning. More perniciously, today’s great fortunes have, more often than not, been created through borrowing and venture capital deals, relying more on the ability to assimilate to and play by the rules of the elite than to daring or business acumen.

David Zalik is of the old school

But the founder of GreenSky Credit, David Zalik, conforms more closely to the old archetype of the bold capitalist. In founding GreenSky Credit, Zalik could not secure the financing he needed to launch the company. As a result, he reversed mortgaged his entire commercial real estate holdings, nearly $12 million worth, betting everything he had on the future success of his company.

The bet paid off to an extent even Zalik could not have imagined. Today, GreenSky Credit ranks among the most successful fintech companies in the country. The company has grown from a fledgling startup into a $5 billion lending operation. And it has experienced this phenomenal growth with virtually no outside investment at all.

When asked about what he wants to accomplish in the future, Zalik, like many great American capitalists who have come before him, is bursting with ambition. He says that he would like to see GreenSky Credit doing $20 billion worth of loans each year by the year 2020. Given his past track record, there’s no reason to doubt that he will reach his goal.

Aloha Construction, Inc. Siding and Roofing Services

Aloha Construction is a construction firm. It is a family owned company that is bonded and insured. This company offers its services in both Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. Aloha specializes in roofing, siding and gutter repair services. This company was founded by in 2008 by Dave Farbaky. Aloha has successfully carried out 20000 roofing jobs in Illinois. Its main offices are based in both Lake Zurich and Bloomington. This firm offers services to its clients in multiple ways.


This firm has a continuous positive reputation. It’s the best company to rely on when you require various services such as fixing storm, high speed and hail damages. Their beat other firms since they provide property inspection on free of charge basis. This service helps homeowners to make sure that their respective insurance companies fully cover their damages. They also collaborate with Synchrony Financial to assign payment plans and make financing repairs more manageable than ever before.


Aloha Construction is a certified company and provides various services that comprise of repairing and replacing roofing, gutters, siding, soffits, and fascia. Let’s have a look at some of their services.



Aloha Construction Company always sticks to a detailed nine step inspection procedure to detect and highlight all damages and issues that affect attic ventilation, shingles and flashing of your house. Their executive team of experts is always set to keep you updated, offer efficient timelines and ensures that there are transparency payments. They also provide a ten-year craftsmanship warrant protection.



Each of Aloha construction employee undergoes training by Vinyl Siding Institution to for certification (license) to be a Certified Vinyl Siding Installer. You should always be sure that you are in the best hands with Aloha Construction for any repair and replacement services inclusive of aluminum, wood, vinyl siding, face brick, Hardee board, and stucco.

Providing Energy, Hope and Second Chances

Hurricane Harvey struck the state of Texas, United States, on the day of August 17th, 2017. It was the first hurricane of such strength to hit the country after countless years since the Wilma Hurricane, from 2005. It left many deaths along its path and a lot of destruction.

Many months later, some of the families that experienced the hurricane are already settled with their new lives, and many of the expensive costs that come from a drastic change like this were already dealt with. This was the result of the first philanthropic endeavors of Stream Energy, which has now found a new charity partner, Hope Supply Co.

The recovery and renewal of the families affected by the Hurricane Harvey were followed by other philanthropic actions like helping the homeless in Dallas. Through their new partnership, the company has already gathered and provided clothes, accessories, essential day-to-day objects and, of course, hope.

Stream, a company that deals with electricity and provides cost-efficient energy plans around Texas, goes way beyond their area of influence when it comes to philanthropy. Just this year, on April 27, the company announced its new foundation, Stream Cares, which has become the official source of charity and non-profitable actions from the group.

Throughout the years, Stream Energy has gathered a sizeable group of people that wanted to use their influence and reach in Texas to help those who were in need. They have already formed philanthropical partnerships with other groups like the Hope Supply, Habitat for Humanity, the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army, among others.

The company has already helped families with no resources build houses or repair damaged ones; they have helped victims of natural accident find professional care and resources to start a new life, as well as providing a lot of funding and support to philanthropical endeavors all around the state.

The next philanthropical actions of the company are already in development. The directors of Stream Energy are always sharing information about their plans for Stream Cares.

This particular industry, Stream Energy, is known all around the state of Texas for their energy packages and the accessibility that they provide to many families.

The CAO of InnovaCare Health—Penelope Kokkinides shares her experience

One of the most successful and privately held healthcare companies, InnovaCare Health has marked its name all across Puerto Rico. The company has many dedicated members working within the organization. One of the most prominent figures of InnovaCare Health is Penelope Kokkinides who currently serves as CAO, and has invested precious years of her life to the company. Some interesting aspects of Penelope Kokkinides were reviewed during an interview which you would love to have a look at.


With the incredible 20 years of experience in healthcare programs, Penelope rejoined InnovaCare Health in 2015, June and currently holds the position of Chief Administration Officer. Previously she served the company as Chief Operator Officer and Vice president of clinical operations. Penelope is a personality that is encapsulated with extensive knowledge of developing healthcare and clinical programs and withholds the ability to manage vast infrastructural strategies and operational processes.

She received her BA, double major in biological sciences and classical languages from Binghamton University in1991, MSW—social work from New York University school of social work in 1995, and MPH from Columbia University School of Public Health in 2010. Her dedication and occupational history are not limited to InnovaCare Health, she served Centerlight Healthcare as Executive Vice president, Chief Operating Officer at Touchstone Health, as well as served AmeriChoice as Corporate Vice President for care and disease management—where she even implemented her own intelligently designed company’s health model.


Along with working as a successful entrepreneur, Penelope Kokkinides enlightens her followers with significantly important tips for health that are easy to follow and can bring remarkably positive changes in health. Penelope believes that being organized and structured is the key of being a successful entrepreneur, as well as to be aware of the happening in the industry—reading articles, research papers, publications, and other sources help a lot to gain information. She also recommended a book named “Start With Why” by Simon Sinek. For her it’s a motivational book that made her focus on the fact “Why” is the important question when you have to start with something.  You can visit for more info.


Her day is usually spent traveling to different destinations where she attends to various matters related to work and her duties. She gives a huge credit to her team that educates her with different bright ideas and also implements them.

Penelope Kokkinides is a true gem of InnovaCare Health. that is/has been highly regarded for the effort and intelligence she invested for the company all the way through! To see more you can chekout