José Borghi, has founded several successful companies

Formerly branded as Borghi Lowe, the Mullen Lowe agency was founded by José Borghi. He is renowned for being thought of, as one the top influential marketing executives, in the publishing arena. Mr. José Borghi’s success, actually flourished, from within his inability to decide, just what to do with his life before entering college, while still in middle school. One day, his sister approached him with the invitation to attend the Castro Neves Theater, to view a live performance. Her goal, was to assist José, in determining which career path to take, The presentation at the theater, was specifically on a variety of highly successful commercial videos, which had received highly esteemed awards in Cannes. The awards, were presented, in the form of gold lions and these awards truly grabbed the attention, of the youthful José Borghi.

José Borghi was born in Presidente Prudente, which is where he also graduated, in the area of Advertising and Propaganda. In 1989, José obtained his first employment position, as an editor, at the renowned firm, Standart Ogilvy, a Brazilian advertising agency. José Borghi stood out, among the other agency editors in his field and soon grabbed the attention of several, successful agencies, such as, FCB, DM9 and DDB, to name only a few. This wide-reaching success, in his chosen line of work, led José Borghi to partner up with Léo Burnett and also, Erh Ray, to establish their own Brazilian advertising firm, BorghiErh. Several years later, the company merged with the Mullen group, with Lowe & Partners. The ad agency is now known as, Mullen Lowe Brazil.

New York City and Houston’s George Street Photos and Videos

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New York City

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