Marketing Delicious Wine Can Be A Profitable Business

Earning money with the Traveling Vineyard’s home business opportunity is based on holding wine tasting parties conducted by independent representatives in the host’s private homes. The representative, called a Wine Guide, brings a wine tasting kit, which they have purchased, containing five bottles of wine to the party.

During an educational discussion, the Wine Guide serves each guest an ounce or two of each of the five exclusive wines. If guests wish to place an order, the Wine Guide collects a commission from each bottle ordered during the party.

While the Traveling Vineyard’s wines are promoted by network marketing, they are as delicious as any of the expensive wines that can be found in local wine shops. Since the Traveling Vineyard depends on their Wine Guides to promote their exclusive wines by holding wine tastings, the wines must appeal to the guest’s palate and be affordable, so that the wine practically sells itself.

Each Wine Guide has a website to personalize with their picture and story. Previous customers can reorder their favorite wines through the website, however, many Wine Guides tell their story on social media and refer potential team members to their website to sign up. Building a team earns Wine Guides additional money in return for providing support to new team members.

On Facebook, the Traveling Vineyard says that Wines Guides have fun while reaping the financial rewards from holding wine tastings. All direct selling companies say this, nevertheless, the Traveling Vineyard backs up their claim with testimonials from numerous Wine Guides who enjoy what they do and who are happy with what they earn.

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