Event Planning In NYC With Twenty-Three Layers And Ten Tips For A Successful Party

An article on the HGTV website provides 10 tips for a successful party. These tips come from Camille Styles, an event planner, and are intended to relieve the stress associated with planning and putting on a party. These ideas start from the beginning, and if followed, with make it much easier to navigate the inevitable problems of party planning.


The first tip is keep it simple. Avoid creating unnecessary problems. Next up is get organized by creating lists, such as guests, supplies, and tasks. Continually update the lists as items are added and completed. The next item is to create a theme. Once done, the invitations can be sent out. The next two tips involve alcoholic beverages. The first is to set up a self-serve bar. When the guests fix their own drinks, there is less stress. The follow up is to create a special drink for the party. Serve in a unique glass, and the guests will remember the party by the drink.


The next tip by Camille Styles is to keep the appetizers simple. No reason to make it harder than needed. She also recommends a table for children with food that will like. The simple theme continues with the table settings. Again, no reason to be elaborate. Finally, she recommends staying relaxed. If all the tips have been followed, there is no reason to be stressed out. Just relax and enjoy your own party.


In New York City, there is a company called Twenty-Three Layers that will plan and execute whatever event the client desires. This company is one of the best event planners in NYC. They can handle with precision a corporate event as well as a party for the most discriminating individual.


For the individual searching the event planning companies in NYC, they need to check out the people at Twenty-Three Layers. They have the contacts and the skills to satisfy whatever desire the client possesses for a successful event in New York City.



US Money Reserve Website Updated In A New Style

As you go shopping for gold and silver coins, one place to check out is the U.S. Money Reserve website. This website sells large collections of quality precious metals in coin form for the new or established investor. U.S. Money Reserve has been around for 16 years.

In that time, it has gone through major growth, to the point where today it is run by a former U.S. mint director, Philip N. Diehl. The goal of U.S. Money Reserve is to make it much easier to buy precious metals from a trusted vendor.

Many new investors hesitate to buy precious metals unless they can be sure that their assets will be safe. The nice thing about U.S. Money Reserve is its commitment to maintaining a quality reputation. Some of the products that they offer include the Pearl Harbor gold coin and the Austrian Philharmonic gold coin.

Many precious metal sellers just have generic brand names on their products. U.S. Money Reserve’s coins are a way to make sure that your collection has a value that comes from both the metal and the coin type.

U.S. Money Reserve also sells bars, if you prefer not to have coins. U.S. Money Reserve understands that investors have different needs when they think about buying from the precious metals market.

U.S. Money Reserve has had hundreds of thousands of customers. Today, they hold a AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance. U.S Money Reserve wants to be able to answer any questions that you might have about their company. There are lots of reservations that people often have about buying physical precious metals.

U.S. Money Reserve has experience with coaching new investors through the process of owning gold and silver. You can contact them at 1-855-832-9570 to hear more detailed information from a professional customer service representative. U.S. Money Reserve is looking forward to answering the questions that you might have about their work.

One of the assets that U.S. Money Reserve brings to the customer experience is their professional staff.

U.S. Money Reserve is headquartered in Austin, Texas. Remember to check out their fancy new website to learn more about what they are doing. U.S. Money Reserve is a private distributor of precious metals.

InnovaCare Health And Its CEO Rick Shinto and CAO Penelope Kokkinides

InnovaCare Health is a well-known provider of Medicare Advantage Plans as well as practical health services. InnovaCare Solutions is enjoying unprecedented success with a strong team of leaders and the experience of Rick Shinto the company CEO. Visit Bloomberg.com for more info on Penelope Kokkinides.

InnovaCare and Company Leadership

Dr. Rick Shinto was one of the first to begin pioneering the medical provider network business model which is widespread and in demand throughout Puerto Rico. Before he ever became the CEO of Innovacare, an industry leader, Rick Shinto was the CEO of PMC Medicare choice as well as MMM Healthcare. He also held the position of Chief Medical Officer at the Medical Pathways Management Company and the Prestigious Californian healthcare provider NAMM.

Rick Shinto had over decades of experience in the healthcare industry before he began his work with Aveta Inc. (Now known as InnovaCare) in 2008. While working at InnovaCare Rick Shinto applied many Projects with great success. Rick Shinto has seen many underserved patients receive the care and health service they need. During his term of leadership, Rick Shinto has seen the InnovaCare membership program increased by over 200,000 members and now there are over 7,500 employees on hand to provide service to this larger clientele.

But an easier access to Medicare and Medicaid isn’t the end, not according to Rick Shinto who takes the time to educate those who come for medical attention on the details of health care awareness. He also shows generous support to the families of his patients during the time they are being treated. It is this kind of empathy expressed in deeds that has earned Rick Shinto the “Access to Caring” award which was presented at the “Tribute to Caring Gala” hosted by the Wester University of Health Sciences.

Part of Rick Shinto’s recipe for success comes from his capacity to select the most effective management team to be a central support to the InnovaCare infrastructure. He recently brought in three important additions to the management team. One of these was Penelope Kokkinides whose vision, ambition and talent makes her indispensable to InnovaCare. With over 20 years of providing healthcare solutions, Penelope holds the position of InnovaCare Chief Administration officer.

Before beginning her work with InnovaCare, Penelope Kokkinides was working as the COO and Vice President of Centerlight Healthcare. She was also the COO of Touchstone Health and served as the Corporate VP for AmeriChoice where she spearheaded the Care and disease departments. Penelope Kokkinides played a key role in the formulation and implementation of bespoke healthcare models developed for the needs of her corporate firm.

About InnovaCare Health Solutions

InnovaCare is a leading provider of health plans in the US and North America. The Puerto Rico based company has over 7,500 employees providing healthcare services to its 200,000 members.

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A Look At Alexandre Gama’s Groundbreaking Career

Alexandre Gama grew up with an interest in advertising and so he attended Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation where he earned a degree in Communication and Advertising. After graduating he quickly jumped into the industry at Standard Ogilvy & Mather in 1982. After working there and at other advertising agencies in Brazil, he started his own ad agency that he named Neogama. Alexandre Gama continues to serve as Neogama’s CEO and CCO.

During his career, Alexandre Gama has created numerous creative and eye-catching advertising campaigns for both smaller companies and international conglomerates. One of his most famous ad campaigns is the Rock Giant campaign that he designed for liquor manufacturer Johnnie Walker. This campaign became famous in not only Brazil but around the globe and led to his company being named by Diageo as “Company of the Year”.

Even back in 2006, Mr. Gama was named by 250 advertising executives as one of the seven most important professionals to have ever worked in the industry. He has also earned numerous Cannes awards, including two in just 2003 that were awarded in two categories, press and film.

Alexandre Gama has also dived into a few other industries. He is a major shareholder in Briggs Automotive Company which is headquartered in the UK. He also founded VIOLAB in the music industry. Under the VIOLAB label, he created a recording studio, label, radio channel, and publishing label. This was all done in order to support Brazilian acoustic guitar players and get their music more attention.

Source:  https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexandre_Gama_(publicit%C3%A1rio)

How José Henrique Made Mullen Lowe, a Famous Ad Agency in Whole Brazil?

José Henrique Borghi began his career at 89 in Standard Ogilvy and worked for major agencies such as FCB, Talent, Leo Burnett and DM9 / DDB, and ultimately he became the CEO for Mullen Lowe Group network. Throughout his professional career, he won some awards: 14 Lions at Cannes, Archive editor, 11 at the New York Festival, ten awards at The One Show, 10 Clios Awards, 7 Festivals at the London Festival and 15 April Awards Advertising. He elected for “Advertiser of the Year” for the 26th Edition of Columnists Award in São Paulo.

He worked with major advertisers in the Advertising market, such as Mitsubishi, FIAT, Honda Cars and Motorcycles, Itacor, BankBoston, Antarctica, Arcor, Unilever and much more. Borghi / Lowe have become prominent in nationwide and global Advertising festivals as this company was constantly striving to put creative excellence into practice. However, beyond talent, they heavily rely on the partnership of their customers, who approve their ideas. Due to the hard work and efforts of José Henrique Borghi, Mullen Lowe won Gold in FIAP.

Borghi/Lowe is going to rebrand as Mullen Lowe Brasil as part of a brand migration of the Lowe network to an all new Mullen Lowe Group identity. In combination with the rebranding, and to drive energy of the newly designed Mullen Lowe Group in Brazil, the new leadership has announced as well. André Gomes – currently VP for a branch in Rio de Janeiro– has been promoted to co-CEO of operation in Brazil, alongside present CEO José Borghi who is the name of trust and reliability. Alongside the leadership changes and rebranding, Mullen Lowe Group has decided to close Brasilia office and focus on the flagship offices in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Regarding creativity, Mullen Lowe received an award, the Silver Lion, at Cannes Film Festival in 2010 and learn more about Jose Borghi.

George Soros from Brilliant Financial Mind to Philanthropist

George Soros is a brilliant financial mind. He became a legend when he made more than a $1 billion betting on the decline of the British Sterling Pound. His hedge fund that bears his name is one of the more successful hedge funds operating today. But Soros is so much more that a financial genius, he began his philanthropy, The Open Society, soon after he achieved financial independence and secured the future for himself and his family.

In 2016 Soros announced that his foundation would give $500 million in grants to companies founded by refugees and migrants. In the past, he has given billions to the refugee crisis occurring around the world. Soros himself knows the tyranny of fascist governments having been born a jew in Nazi-occupied Hungary.  Read more on NYTimes.com

After making his financial fortune, he was able to develop more of his time to world causes and promoting the work of Karl Popper who wrote, The Open Society. It is that same philosophy that Soros would adopt, and then his foundation would carry the title of the book written by Popper. Soros saw that democracy was the result of free and open societies and he has since advocated these principles as his personal philosophy. Soros has found himself at odds with other wealthy men who usually sought protection for their monies in Republican causes and politics.

Read: http://bigthink.com/paul-ratner/why-does-the-right-hate-george-soros

But Soros has continued with his philanthropic ways; he no longer has a daily involvement with his hedge fund. George Soros is committed to his foundation and traveling the world advocating for free and open societies. He has written extensively on numerous subjects and those pursuing financial goals should read what he has written on financial matters. At 86 years of age, this national treasure will not be with us for long. He represents ideas that were cherished by the original founders of the American Constitution, but unfortunately, these Constitutional ideals have been forgotten by many Americans.

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