Event Planning In NYC With Twenty-Three Layers And Ten Tips For A Successful Party

An article on the HGTV website provides 10 tips for a successful party. These tips come from Camille Styles, an event planner, and are intended to relieve the stress associated with planning and putting on a party. These ideas start from the beginning, and if followed, with make it much easier to navigate the inevitable problems of party planning.


The first tip is keep it simple. Avoid creating unnecessary problems. Next up is get organized by creating lists, such as guests, supplies, and tasks. Continually update the lists as items are added and completed. The next item is to create a theme. Once done, the invitations can be sent out. The next two tips involve alcoholic beverages. The first is to set up a self-serve bar. When the guests fix their own drinks, there is less stress. The follow up is to create a special drink for the party. Serve in a unique glass, and the guests will remember the party by the drink.


The next tip by Camille Styles is to keep the appetizers simple. No reason to make it harder than needed. She also recommends a table for children with food that will like. The simple theme continues with the table settings. Again, no reason to be elaborate. Finally, she recommends staying relaxed. If all the tips have been followed, there is no reason to be stressed out. Just relax and enjoy your own party.


In New York City, there is a company called Twenty-Three Layers that will plan and execute whatever event the client desires. This company is one of the best event planners in NYC. They can handle with precision a corporate event as well as a party for the most discriminating individual.


For the individual searching the event planning companies in NYC, they need to check out the people at Twenty-Three Layers. They have the contacts and the skills to satisfy whatever desire the client possesses for a successful event in New York City.



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