How Nine9 is Revolutionizing the Talent Industry

Most people have heard of the economic 99% but not a lot of people are aware of the other 99% – the 99% of people who are trying to work in the talent industry who simply do not have access to a talent agency. Given the fact that most aspiring actors, singers and models, both men and women, are just not represent by a industry agency – and no wonder, acting agency usually only take in people whom they hand select via their talent scouts. This means that getting into a mainstream established studio almost always comes down to luck of the draw, if they like you (regardless of your skills) you are in, if not, then you are flat out of luck and more information click here.

That is where, Nine9, which describes itself as “The Unagency” comes in. Unlike many other similar organizations dedicated to actors, models and singers, Nine9 does not seek to control or dictate to their clients but rather simply provide their clients with the most useful and viable tools that will help get their foot in the door into their respective industry and succeed from there. The company keeps to its mission statement and clearly laid out principal of not being a agency by abstaining from taking commission fees off of successful gigs which their clients enter into which is something most talent agencies will usually do. What this means is that it is not only a far more flexible option that puts prospective actors and models through training with proven professionals, it is also, generally speaking, much cheaper than hiring an agent and Nine9’s lacrosse camp.

First and foremost, Nine9 provides real world, brick and mortar locations where clients can meet to begin building up their portfolio, generally by assembling some professionally taken photos which clients can use to showcase their aesthetic to prospective studios. But Nine9 takes it a step further and utilizes these portfolio building experiences to help train their clients by having them focus on industry essentials like social decorum, good aesthetics, punctuality (arriving on time) and wardrobe consciousness and variability and learn more about Nine9.

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