Adam Goldenberg: A Respected Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Justfab Incorporation

Adam Goldenberg is a respected entrepreneur and Co-chief Executive Officer of JustFab Incorporation. Before co-founding the renowned fashion company, Adam Goldenberg, at the tender age of 15 years founded Gamer’s Alliance which he later sold to Intermix Media in 1999. A few years later, he founded Intelligent Beauty which is an internet brand incubator. As a result of Adam’s knowledge, skills, intelligence, and input in the industry, he was named as one of 3 LA CEOs you need to know by Built In LA. During an interview with them, Adam Goldenberg reveals that the success of JustFab is attributed to their ability to adapt to new environments and being metric-driven. Adam strongly upholds being open and transparent with the team members regarding numbers as it enables them to be keen and know what correct measures to uphold. By doing so, they are all geared towards the success of the business.

According to Adam Goldenberg, their clients have been of importance in their learning and understanding the market. He says that through their feedback, they were able to streamline their product pricing which saw them succeeding even more. When asked some of their best hiring practices at JustFab on, Adam says that their company culture is having a passion for what they do. He continues to say that all employees have a strong passion and zeal for their work which then leads to excellent performance.

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Adam Goldenberg reveals that they have continued to thrive in the fashion industry due to the brand they sell. He says that having quality products ensures that their clients come back for more. Adam continues to say that they design and manufacture their products which ensure that the standards are excellent.

Mr. Goldenberg was also recently interviewed on CNBC where he explained their recent move on changing their company name. According to Adam and JustFab’s co-founder, Mr. Ressler, the move to change their firm’s name to TechStyle fashion group came after examining the nature of fashion and business today. Adam has always had a soft spot for marketing and technology and with their plans for expanding into the industry, the decision couldn’t have been better.

According to Adam, JustFab recorded a return of $85 million, and with the recent funding, the firm’s worth has risen to about $250 million dollars. With that, he says that investors see potential in their business as there is much room for growth.

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