Todd Lubar Knows Baltimore Real Estate

Todd Lubar has a firm grasp of the inner workings of Baltimore real estate. His analytical skills recently broke it down as he gave a detailed, nuanced situation report about the current condition and drivers in Baltimore.

Lubar relays that the emerging trend in Baltimore real estate is with young professionals. The younger demographic has shown strong growth patterns despite the overall mild exodus from Baltimore, reveals As a result, the demand is growing for hip, urban apartments that young professional can call home. Older buildings are undergoing reimaginings and refurbishings to satisfy this demand. The options for apartments and condos are growing.

The continuing focus on public transportation will aid in helping those who wish to live and work downtown. The business environment in the city of Baltimore and the state overall is improving. Baltimore is gaining a reputation among startups as a good place to do business. The cost-of-living is not expected to grow exorbitantly which will contribute to the favorable conditions. Also, restaurants and luxury shopping developments are expected to arise in response to the growth of young, urban professionals.

Todd Lubar has a strong and successful background in Maryland real estate. With more than two decades of experience in various capacities, he is uniquely qualified to construct real estate deals. His experience in credit and finance help him understand and assist with all phases of real estate projects.

Lubar currently serves as the President of TDL Ventures and is helping the company continue its strong growth trajectory. He also owns and operates several companies which intersect with real estate and are supportive in nature. One example is a demolition company. He also draws upon his considerable skills in mortgage origination to help improve the company’s finances.

Todd Lubar is committed to helping his community by providing opportunities for others with his business and as a community volunteer. His passion is for both endeavors and Maryland is the better for it.

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