Dr. Jennifer Walden Comes Home

Dr. Jennifer Walden knows a lot about plastic surgery. She has been in this field for over a decade, and she has continued to grow in her field as one of the lead plastic surgeons in the United States. It becomes much easier to stand out and received accolades from people when you have focused on your craft for a long time. This is the reason that Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews has been a successful as she is over the years. She has continued to build a career where people notice what she is doing because she continues to learn more and provide more information on plastic surgery procedures and more information click here.

Walden has become someone that is able to provide information on different things in plastic surgery, and her vast knowledge has even allowed her to co-author a book. Dr. Jennifer Walden has appeared on the cover of magazines in Texas, and she has been praised for her ability to juggle parenting and a professional career as a plastic surgeon. A large part of her transition back to her native land of Texas was connected to her strong desire to reconnect with family for the raising of her children. This played a very intricate part in the way to see desired to run her practice and learn more about Dr. Walden.

She had already established a name for herself in Manhattan, and she was highly successful with the roll that she had created for herself in New York City. It is through her desire to stay connected with family that she would be able to actually make a transition to Texas where she would start all over again. Fortunately, the praise for the work that she had already done during her residency and her life as a practicing physician in Manhattan made her well known before she returned home and more information click here.

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Ares Security Corporation’s Minority Recapitalization Successfully Completed by Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital’s CEO, Charles Botchway, announced the completion of the minority recapitalization process for its client, Ares Security Corporation, in January 2017. Ares provides high-tech security software to various companies, and is well known for its high-quality solutions. The capital was raised from subordinated debt and equity, and was provided by Corbel Structured Equity Partners.


Reginald McGaugh, the senior managing director at Madison Street Capital, was in charge of the transaction and said they were honored to be involved in the transaction as they believe in Ares’ ability to provide even better technology solutions. Madison was responsible for connecting Ares with a suitable financial partner and believed that Corbel was the best suited. Ben Eazetta, shareholder and president at Ares, was actively involved in the recapitalization. He expressed his appreciation to the team at Madison for their help with the whole process, which began some time in 2016.


There were a number of steps involved in the recapitalization process, beginning with due diligence in order to find the most suitable financial partner for Ares. Once they had done due diligence and identified Corbel as the most suitable financial partner, valuation analysis was done and finally, the fund raising was done. Ares was happy with the work done by Madison throughout the recapitalization process.


Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital is a leading banking firm that has been in operation since 2005. It specializes in international investments, and is renowned for its high-quality services which include financial consultancy services, capital restructuring services, valuation services, and financial opinions among many others. Madison serves both public and private businesses across a number of industries with an aim to improve their financial performance. What makes it stand out from other investment banking firms is its client-focused approach to business; the company always has its clients’ best interests at heart and strives to ensure they achieve their goals. It has offices in Africa, Asia, and North America and has clients from many countries in these regions.




Madison Street Capital reputation in providing financial solutions made it the best company to arrange Ares’ recapitalization and they surely did not disappoint. They worked closely with executives from Ares to determine company’s needs so that they could provide them with a solution that is tailored to their unique needs. Corbel is a great company that is well connected in the industry and this is bound to benefit Ares Security Corporation greatly.


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Keep the Bond Strong with Detainees with Securus Technology

At some point in our life, we have had some of our relative members bend the law. As it is the law of the country, they are detained in correction services to learn from their mistakes and evolve into better people. The primary aim of the correction services is not to punish the offenders but to facilitate their change. Losing contact with the family members and outside world would be a big blow to both the prisoners and the close people in their life. The Securus technologies considered this as a market niche and came to our rescue.

Securus Company cooperates with the penitentiary services in ensuring that we communicate with our relatives who are locked up. The company has been of great help because through the chance to talk with the prisoners; the bond is not easily broken. Through constant communication, the detainees can reunite with their family quickly after the release.

Securus technology has made it possible to have daily conversations with our relatives even through video calls. This is a significant development as it creates the feeling of the physical appearance. These technologies can be used even in the comfort of our homes. We just apply for the program, and we can communicate with the prisoners from home. Not having to travel all the way to the detention to communicate with the detainees has made it easier for us to fix time to keep in touch.

The chance to maintain contact with the outside world has an impact on the well-being of the prisoner. The prisoner can reform, as they look forward to reuniting with their family members who have shown them love even behind bars. Research has shown that the technology has considerably contributed to the prisoners’ behavior change because it gives them a purpose to live and successfully walk out of prison.


Julia Jackson Does It All

Julia Jackson was born in San Francisco, California in 1988 as the middle daughter of Jess Jackson and Barbra Banke. Julia has said that for as long as she can remember, she has had an interest in wine. Julia now works with the international sales team at Jackson Family Wines, helping to make her family’s award-winning wines known to a new age group of wine drinkers all around the world. Julia Jackson attended Scripps College from 2006 to 2010 and earned a Bachelor of Arts specified in Studio Art. At a young age, Julia learned French in order to communicate with one of her life-long friends, the daughter of one of her family’s winemakers. Since Julia was fluent in the language, she took on a role of teaching French to sixth-graders while she was in college.

On top of everything else she has accomplished, Julia also works with the nonprofit organization Aurora Consulting very often. Julia has stated in the past that her father always had her work in the family business when she was younger and that made her really appreciate what it takes to become successful. The Cenyth varietal of wine was designed by Julia Jackson and is arguably one of the best wines in Sonoma. Anakota, La Jota, Byron and Zena Crown are a few of the other of the brands that the Jackson Family Wines produces. Julia Jackson is a young, innovative and powerful woman who puts her heart into everything she does, and she does it all.

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Getting Plugged Into The Traveling Vineyard Culture

There are a bevy of people that are going to appreciate an opportunity to work at home through the Traveling Vineyard. This has become a very successful company that has given many people to chance to create their own schedules as wine consultants. What people find the most interesting about the Traveling Vineyard is that there are numerous ways to gain knowledge about the wines that are offered by the Traveling Vineyard. Most new consultants that come in to this company are going to get help from an experienced wine consultant. This will serve as a mentor that can provide a great knowledge base for how one can build their customer base.

In addition to having a mentor with the Traveling Vineyard new consultants will discover that they can also learn a lot from the Harvest Conference. This is an annual conference for consultants that are part of the Traveling Vineyard team.

Consultants that come to this conference will have the ability to learn about new wines and also socialize with other consultants that are experiencing the same thing when it comes to building their own wine selling business. Finding a mentor and attending the Harvest Conference can increase your wine knowledge. These are the two most common ways that people will increase their knowledge, but it is not the only way that a new consultant can become plugged into the Traveling Vineyard system.

People that are wine drinkers are generally going to know about wine pairing and the taste of various wines. Entrepreneurs that are not wine drinkers can still become great consultants for the Traveling Vineyard. All that they have to do is check out the Traveling Vineyard website. There is a website called The Tasting Room, and this is what allows many people to get a better idea of how they can introduce the concept of wine pairing at wine tasting parties. The consultants for the Traveling Vineyard have the ability to help their clients build a better wine collection. It is easy to do when consultants have acquired the knowledge they need about Traveling Vineyard wines.

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Jason Halpern the Man Behind JMH Development

Jason Halpern is the principle of JMH Development after founding of the full-service real estate business in 2010. This is a company that develops both residential and commercial properties nationwide and is known for luxury properties in sought-after markets such as Brooklyn and Manhattan, New York and Miami Beach, Florida. Mr. Halpren and JMH Developments is dedicated to the creative and high-quality development of properties. In all stages of the development process the JHM team of professionals are knowledgably from due diligence through the construction process. They are experienced in strategy, site and building design, whether residential, mixed property use or hospitality geared.

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

JMH Development currently is involved in 340 luxury apartments in New York. These rental units are at an address listed on the National Historical Society and were awarded by Building Brooklyn Award for adaptive reuse at 184 Kent. Then the company worked on developing nine luxury townhouses in Cobble Hill.

Jason Halpern and JMH Developments have also been involved in a historic structures restoration in Miami Beach with the opening of Aloft South Beach a newly constructed hotel with 235 larger rooms than the competition located one block from Miami Beach being located in South Beach and within minutes from the Miami Beach Convention Center. JMH Developments joined with Madden Real Estate Ventures to adapt and reuse the historic Motel Ankara, a new eight story tower and the Aloft South Beach hotel with rooms averaging 360 square feet larger than the competing hotels at Miami Beach.

Jason Halpern with Model, Milana and Richard

This location is near art galleries, night clubs and the Bass Museum of Art. The hotel features an outdoor pool, roof lounge, and 24-hour fitness center. It also features meeting space for business meetings or social gatherings. The hotel will have access to local emerging artists and bands with Live at Aloft Hotels programming at the WXYZ bars. Jason Halpern said about this project that it marked a major milestone with the construction process starting the next phase in the completion and opening of the Aloft South Beach hotel. The Aloft South Beach hotel offers modern style in the traditional hotel landscape style and technology throughout the hotel.