From the Hawaiian Volcanic Hills Rose an Enterprise Called Waiakea Water

Waiakea is a water company that specializes in the selling of high-quality volcanic water. One of the things that make Waiakea unique is the fact that it ensures that it maintains a business model that is sustainable and environmentally friendly. Its most recent move has been to develop bottles that are 100 percent recyclable.

The process of coming up with eco-friendly bottles has not been an easy one. This is putting in mind the fact that there have been no previous researches on that. While those who have researched on it previously aimed at creating stronger plastics that were better, Waiakea on the other hands is determined to make weaker bottles. It has proven to be quite challenging to come up with degradable containers that serve as well as the regular plastic ones.

After years of research and conducting 1200 experiments, Waiakea finally managed to achieve what it wanted. The bottles are made using high-quality RPET. These are twice expensive compared to the standard RPET. However, the cost of the additive that makes the containers degradable is entirely negligible. This strategy, therefore, reduces the cost. The new degradable bottles can be recycled together with the regular PET bottles.

The company strives to maintain sustainability. It boasts of how highly sustainable it is. This concept is not only brought out on its advertisements, but it’s also part of the company’s operations. For starters, it just takes a little of the water at Mauna Loa aquifer to produce volcanic water.

The company uses a site that potentially produces up to 740 million gallons of water on a daily basis. In a day the United States ideally consumes up to two million gallons of water per day. This fact means that on a regular basis Waiakea extracts and sells only 1% of the available amount.

Waiakea sells pure volcanic water. It gets this from Mauna Loa which is said to be the most active volcano in the world. The water is naturally filtered as it goes down the mountain. The source of the water that seeps through the volcanic hills of Hawaii and is held in the aquifers is rain, snow or moisture from the arctic winds.

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