The Amazing, Unexpected Career of Dentist Avi Weisfogel

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a dentist who works on sleep apnea treatment among other things. Dr. Weisfogel has a Bachelor’s degree in biology and psychology at Rutgers University. He then went to New York University to get a Doctor of Dental Surgery credential. After that, he started his private practice, Old Bridge Dental Care. His main focus was helping patients with sleep disorders such as sleep apnea. As a founding member of the Owner Unlimited Sleep Patients think tank in 2012, he brought together sleep experts and experienced dentists. He also launched the Dental Sleep Master’s Program whose specialty was orally applied therapy.

Along with his outstanding professional accomplishments, Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a well-known philanthropist who donates his profits to charity. He also reads books in his spare time. Dr. Weisfogel is described as outgoing, patient, friendly, and understanding. The Dental Sleep Master’s program is something that he wants to reach to more dentists, physicians, and patients so that he can revolutionize the world of sleep medicine. Sleep apnea causes a patient to not breath throughout portions of the night. Snoring is one symptom which causes the patient to stop breathing. He has come up with a way to treat obstructive sleep apnea. The program he started had trouble attracting customers at first even if four to ten percent of the population has sleep apnea. He had a great product, that he just needed to find more people to treat so that his business could grow. He realized he needed to market to other physicians, and then his business took off.

From the Hawaiian Volcanic Hills Rose an Enterprise Called Waiakea Water

Waiakea is a water company that specializes in the selling of high-quality volcanic water. One of the things that make Waiakea unique is the fact that it ensures that it maintains a business model that is sustainable and environmentally friendly. Its most recent move has been to develop bottles that are 100 percent recyclable.

The process of coming up with eco-friendly bottles has not been an easy one. This is putting in mind the fact that there have been no previous researches on that. While those who have researched on it previously aimed at creating stronger plastics that were better, Waiakea on the other hands is determined to make weaker bottles. It has proven to be quite challenging to come up with degradable containers that serve as well as the regular plastic ones.

After years of research and conducting 1200 experiments, Waiakea finally managed to achieve what it wanted. The bottles are made using high-quality RPET. These are twice expensive compared to the standard RPET. However, the cost of the additive that makes the containers degradable is entirely negligible. This strategy, therefore, reduces the cost. The new degradable bottles can be recycled together with the regular PET bottles.

The company strives to maintain sustainability. It boasts of how highly sustainable it is. This concept is not only brought out on its advertisements, but it’s also part of the company’s operations. For starters, it just takes a little of the water at Mauna Loa aquifer to produce volcanic water.

The company uses a site that potentially produces up to 740 million gallons of water on a daily basis. In a day the United States ideally consumes up to two million gallons of water per day. This fact means that on a regular basis Waiakea extracts and sells only 1% of the available amount.

Waiakea sells pure volcanic water. It gets this from Mauna Loa which is said to be the most active volcano in the world. The water is naturally filtered as it goes down the mountain. The source of the water that seeps through the volcanic hills of Hawaii and is held in the aquifers is rain, snow or moisture from the arctic winds.

The Prolific Hussain Sajwani

The Damac properties which are located in Dubai were founded in the year 1976. The company was founded as a public company dealing in Architecture, engineering and the construction industry. The company has been widely involved in the development of properties that include leisure, residential, and commercial. The properties are located in the Middle East and Dubai regions. Learn more:



Hussain Ali Habib Sajwani founded the company in the United Arab Emirates. DAMAC Properties were ranked by the Forbes magazine among the 2000 companies that are growing at a faster speed. The suppliers to the DAMAC properties include the Trump Organization, The National Marine and Dredging Company, the Drake and scull international and the LVMH Company. Learn more:



LVMH Company is involved in manufacturing luxury goods such as wines and spirits, cosmetics and perfumes, leather goods and fashion, and other activities involving selective retailing. The wines and liquor sell very expensive liquor, for example, the vodka it sells is very expensive. The Trump organization is involved in providing development services relating to the real estates. The company’s headquarters are located in the New York.



The National Marine and dredging company is involved marine, construction, and reclamation methods. The Tourism, energy, environment have been utilized. The company also provides work involving geotechnical areas, and the survey. The company is located in the Abu Dhabi in the United Emirates.



The Drake and Scull International have provided services that regard engineering. The company has carried out work relating to the construction industries including oil and gas, air conditioning, and sanitation works. The company has also carried out mechanical, plumbing and electrical works.



The DAMAC owner has shown versatile experience by even engaging in the food industry. This has symbolized his ability to create friends who are important in different areas of the world. The DAMAC Company has involved himself in the glitzy projects including the Donald Trump’s golf courses that are usually eye-catching.Hussain Sajwani family is also close to that of Trump because the share a lot of moments together.



DAMAC Company has taken advantage of the property prices involving the United Arab Emirates. Mr. Sajwani’s family has been able to supply to energy employees through his DAMAC company food supplies. The company has been successful since it does not hold any debts of the land.

Louis Chenevert’s Successful Journey at UTC

UTC is recognized globally because of the outstanding business skills of former chief executive officer (CEO) Louis Chenevert. Louis Chenevert is a well-established entrepreneur who has had many business successes under his name; he helped United Technologies Corporation (UTC) when he became the CEO and recognized there was a need to merge and invest in promising companies.

Before becoming the CEO at UTC, Louis had worked for an aircraft engine company and had recognized the potential in the business.

He decided to amalgamate the aircraft engine company with UTC, and this became a great achievement and helped to put UTC on the global face.

Louis was born in 1958 in Quebec, Canada, he later took up a course in production management. This contributed to his accomplishments in the business world. Louis Chenevert has excellent leadership skills that have helped in his success. He is recognized as a disciplined leader and a good team leader.

After joining UTC, Louis recognized that one way he would succeed was by supporting his employees. He encouraged his employees to enroll for employee’s scholar program. The workers were given the opportunity to take a degree in any field they wanted, and the good thing was that the company catered for the school bills.

Helping his employees to improve and attain a degree was a great way of giving back to the community. However, it was not the only way he improved the livelihoods of people around. Louis also created employment for about 25 000 people in the United States, and this too helped improve the economy as well as improving the living standards.

Louis also made global investments, and this has helped the company to remain at the top. He is said to be one of the most proficient and dependable CEO.

He has received many awards due to his outstanding entrepreneurial skills, but one of the exceptional honors he received was “person of the year.” He received the award from Aviation week and space technology an Aviation trade magazine.

Currently, Louis works as the exclusive advisor to Goldman Sach’s Merchant Banking Division. His responsibility is not only advice the company but also identify opportunities in the manufacturing and aerospace sectors.

How Investors Build Up Their Portfolios With Insight from Agora Financial

Agora Financial is that company that people are going to want to patronize when it comes to subscription-based financial literacy. This is the company that is getting a lot of buzz from those investors that have their mind set on getting the best returns on investment. Any investor that builds a flourishing portfolio that has high returns is one that did the research. The smart investors are going to realize that there is never enough time in a day to research all the companies that are out there. It takes some help from others that are in the investing arena to analyze what is going on. This is what Agora Financial does. It has financial consultants in place to analyze the market and see exactly where the best trends are. These investors can provide a great outlook on what people need to do to maximize the amount of money that they are getting on returns and Agora Financial’s lacrosse camp.


Agora Financial has become a very well-known company that is designed to help many people that are trying to preserve their money for a long-term retirement plan. People that are trying to retire will often start later in life and investing is crucial at this point. Information that they get for investing is important. They have to maximize their returns because they did not start investing early in life. This means that they have to save more than they would have ever considered saving for. When people think about this they realize that it is essential to get financial literacy to help them grow their portfolio at a better than average rate. Many investors are thrilled about the possibilities that come with gaining a large amount of information about investment possibilities. They use Agora to gain a better gain on investing for the long term and their Facebook.

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The Great Success of the American Institute of Architects

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is concerned with the provision of educational facilities, redevelopment of the community, advocacy for the government and the provision of public outreach programs to support the architects. It is mainly a professional organization that caters for the needs of the members of the architecture profession. While performing its activities, it makes an effort to improve its public image.

The institute was established by a group of 13 architects in New York in 1857. It was meant to help in the promotion of the scientific and the perfection of its members in a practical way. This was in the effort to enhance the position of the profession. With the establishment of a constitution on the 10th of March 1857, architects within and outside the town were allowed to join the institute.

The members include about 90,000 licensed architects and associate professionals. All the members of AIA are expected to adhere to the professional and ethical conduct. This should enable them to provide the assurance about the ability to provide quality, ethical and professional services to the public, clients and colleagues. Success in the institute has been contributed by the top officials who include the CEO and the president.

Role of the CEO in the Company’s Success

The current head of the AIA is Robert Ivy who serves at the CEO capacity. He has played a key role in the attainment of its success through his professional focus on the need to focus on the industry that deals with the building, design and construction of structures. Through his wisdom, he has steered the members into believing that their goals can be achieved through the ability share activities. He has also encouraged the members to offer services and ideas that reach beyond their field of operation.

His leadership is founded on the belief that architecture can create an impact on a wide range of field. This includes the improvement of health and the provision of disaster relief services. Thus, he motivates the architects to track their performance services and to be accurate while building the United States structures. As a result, the architects have been able to focus more on the public health, resilience and collaboration in an interdisciplinary sense. This has earned the institution great attention outside the design industry. Read more: