The Digital Advertising Industry with Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is the out-going global CEO of the CP+B and the president of MDC Partners Networks. Recently, the accomplished business leader made it public that she would be leaving the active scene in the advertising industry by retiring from CP+B. Since 2015, Lori Senecal has been serving at CP+B as their CEO and has since then helped them ameliorate the nature of their output. Noticeably, Lori Senecal asserted that she had been planning for her retirement for a while.

The firm appointed Lori as their global chief executive officer since they required her excellent organizational abilities. Lori Senecal has substantially helped CP+B on broadening its global presence. She has since developed unparalleled and unprecedented as well as communication structures, which have facilitated the coordination of its ten global branches. Senecal has fostered a productive professional relationship with her staff. Moreover, during her first year in the firm, she landed an advertising deal with the American Airlines. Check out Media post for more info.

CP+B has been missioning to enhance the capabilities of its regional and global leaders to make sure the firm features a bright, sustainable future after Lori’s exit. Sadly for CP+B, as Lori plans to retire at the end of this year, the company’s U.K. chief, Richard Pinder is set to leave the entity. Interestingly, both these two dynamic and well-endowed business intellects attribute much of their industrial growth and success as well as professional development to the CP+B. All asserted that they had a great time and it was a profound honor working with the enterprise. Due to these leadership changes, CP+B offered their Boulder’s co-managing director, Danielle Aldrich a promotion to be the CP+B West president. For more details visit Bloomberg.

The agency has also promoted other worthy individuals, including Bamboo Yee of CP+B Beijing as well as CP+B Brazil and Miami’s Vinicius Reis. Notably, Lori Senecal boasts of a long, successful career in the advertisement sector, where she has grown to become an industry trendsetter. Moreover, Lori Senecal holds other positions in various organizations both regional and global. For instance, Lori has been the president of KBS, McCann New York as well as MDC Partners Network. In 2014, due to her industrial excellence, Ad Age recognized her efforts in the digital advertisement industry and named her as the Woman to Watch.  You can visit advertisingweek to know more.

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