Brown Modeling Agency: The New Wave of Talent

Brown Modeling Agency is the epitome of a full-service agency. This company has a huge list of individuals that can work in a variety of fields. Modeling and acting is what the agency specializes in, and it has been delivering ever since its inception of a few years ago. Founder and CEO Justin Brown has played a key role in the company’s success. Justin was an actual model back in the day. This extraordinary man knows what it takes to thrive in such a demanding industry. He dominated the scene, especially when came to modeling brand-label jeans. In some cases, Justin was earning up to $100 a day from modeling rocker-style jeans, and his earnings went to great use. Check out their website



The Reno-native decided to put the breaks on modeling by focusing on furthering his education. He majored in business management while in college because he was far more interested on what it takes to run a business. This decision has paid-off dearly and the education has helped to produce a flourishing career. Placement and development was his new sector of business when he returned to the industry. Justin no longer had any desire to work in front of the camera lens. At this point in time, he was working his way-up the ladder by teaching the models on how to professionally conduct themselves. “When you are young and dumb, you don’t actually think that you can do anything,” said Justin in an interview. Austin was a good fit as he naturally connected with the city. “Austin’s big, but it’s not too big,” said Justin.


Brown Agency is at the top of its game right now. This Austin-based agency has a specialty for being able to work in various fields, which includes:


  • Print


  • Film


  • Runway


  • Industrial Video


  • Fashion


  • Television


  • Voiceover


  • Trade Shows


  • Conventions


  • And more



Brown Modeling Agency is filling its quota, it’s leading by example, and it’s changing the current status quo.



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