Surf Air Turned Five – Here’s What Went Down

Most true startups – not just recently-created small businesses, but true startups akin to the hundreds spread throughout Silicon Valley – don’t last longer than a year. Whenever real-deal-Holyfield startups – those that seek out millions of dollars of funding to rapidly grow its operations – make it past the stages of baby steps and training wheels, founders, executives, and investors deserve to celebrate.

Surf Air has recently partnered with three high-class, luxury travel companies in commemoration of its fifth anniversary of doing business. Technically, Surf Air kicked off its initial operations on June 13, 2013, though the private, high-class, exclusive travel-by-flight club recognized its five-year anniversary of pairing functionality with elegance on July 10, 2018.

The three travel-related entities that Surf Air has joined forces with include the following:
FoundersCard – This company markets itself as a membership-only discount club for entrepreneurs, innovators, chief executive officers, and founders of startups. FoundersCard brings discounts, free goods, extra add-ons at no additional cost, perks that very important persons (VIP) get, and even exclusive events to network with similarly-minded entrepreneurs and businesspeople.

The Private Suite – The Los Angeles International Airport is one of the most popular airports in the United States; as a result, there is typically tons of waiting in line, having to mix with sick people and annoying kids, and countless other things you certainly get fed up with at airports. The Private Suite is a private terminal for members of this exclusive club.

All Roads North – This company is similar to Surf Air in that it offers a luxury travel experience; however, All Roads North only operates via ground travel.

Surf Air also came out with Surf Air Experiences, a better way to plan fun weekends after flying with Surf Air.


Southridge Capital Success Story in Investment Market.

Southridge Capital was founded by Stephen Hicks who is the current Chief Executive Officer in 1996, before starting Southridge, Hicks was working for a small New York hedge fund, and as it was ending its operation, an opportunity aroused to start his own which he did. Hicks went to King’s college where he received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration then a Master’s in Business administration from Fordham University situated in New York. With the education background, Hicks was able to start and put up a management team that could help him achieve the objectives he had set for his company.


Over the years Southridge has been able to invest in over 250 public companies by financing them through the initial stage of growth and seeing them through until they are stable. With over 30 years of experience in the financial sector, Hicks with the help of an executive management team has been able to invest over $1.8 billion to various projects that the company has undertaken. The recent acquisition of Double Alpha Group which is a well-known trading hedge fund will enable them to offer a wide range of new services to the existing client. Furthermore, they will able to accommodate more client without compromising on the level of quality services they provide.


The use of cryptocurrency in the market has caused a mixed reaction with some willingly embracing it while others choose to avoid the use of it, Southridge Capital has not shy from it since its part of the finance world. It offers advice to its clients and updates them on how to take advantage where many won’t dare to go. There are various services which Southridge offers to its client which includes Balance sheet optimization, mergers and acquisition strategies, bankruptcy and legal settlement advice and financial analysis.


Southridge Capital acknowledges its social responsibility to the society with their CEO leading them they have undertaken various projects to help and make a positive impact. They have provided both time and financial help to various non-profit or faith-based organizations that have the same agenda to improve the welfare of the society. Hicks has made his mark in the financial world and he has proven that with the right mindset one can achieve beyond expectation. You can visit their website

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Drew Madden’s Leadership and the Changing World of Healthcare

The United States is home to some of the greatest healthcare in the world. But Americans also face some of the highest healthcare costs in the world. Other developed countries, like the UK, Japan and Canada, deliver a similar level of service in a much more efficient way.

In the US, we tend to rely on markets to fix things. Many Americans dislike government intervention in industries like healthcare. The lack of coordination among the players in healthcare causes inefficiencies and higher costs. It often takes lots of time and money before doctors, insurers and pharmacies can come together to make proper care possible.

Luckily, entrepreneurial Americans are responding to the inefficiencies in the medical field. Companies like Amazon are looking into the pharmacy business. CVS, famous for its brick and mortar stores, is looking at getting into the insurance business. These potential partnerships mean that in the near future, things may go much more smoothly for American patients.

Another consideration, when it comes to healthcare, is security and record-keeping. An example of this is Evergreen Healthcare Partners. Evergreen’s approach to healthcare IT is unique. This company focuses not only on storing information and protecting it. They also understand the importance of making information shareable, yet secure.

Drew Madden is a big reason for Evergreen’s success. Madden’s background is in industrial engineering, with a focus in medical engineering. Madden understands that doctors need to be able to share information with other clinicians. He also know that analytics are helping doctors crack medical mysteries these days.

The ability to store large amounts of data in the cloud has revolutionized all kinds of industry. Now, companies can analyze these big cohorts of data, too. They can see trends in the development of diseases and gain new understanding from that.

Madden takes great pride in leading Evergreen Healthcare Partners forward into the changing world of medicine. The American healthcare industry is in need of change. Madden is a problem-solver, and he’s looking forward to making a contribution in a sector that needs him.

Meet Robert Ivy: An Architect, Author, and a Writer

Meet Robert Ivy: An Architect, Author, and a Writer

Robert Ivy, who is the current Chief Executive Officer as well as the Executive Vice President of AIA (the American Institute of Architects), received an award (Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award) from MIAL (Mississippi Institute of Arts & Letters). You know what? Robert is the first architect to receive this kind of an award.

Polk Award is usually given to artists as well as art patrons living or connected to Mississippi in one way or another to recognize their exemplary performance when it comes to performing, supporting as well as creating art. According to Nancy LaForge, the president of MIAL, Robert worked extremely hard to enhance the accessibility of architecture to the public. Robert is a renowned author, writer as well as a commentator in the field of architecture and deserves the award. Find out more about Robert Ivy on Architect

Carl Elefante, the president of AIA said that being the chief executive of AIC from the year 2011, a practicing architect, an editor, and an author, Robert is a perfect ambassador for this noble profession. Carl continued to say that Robert Ivy receives the award not only because of his professional and personal achievements but also because he comes from Mississippi. Carl said that she was delighted to congratulate the honoree on behalf of their professional body (AIA).

Ivy became one of few Mississippians to be honored with the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. The previous honorees include late Walter Anderson, Morgan Freeman, Leontyne Price, Shelby Foote as well as Eudora Welty.

More about Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy attended Sewanee where he specialized in English during his undergraduate studies. He also went to Tulane University for a master’s degree in Architecture. He was a member of the U.S. Navy prior to becoming an Architect.

In the year 1996, Robert Ivy got a chance to work as an editor of a famous architectural journal. His effort contributed immensely to the growth of the widely read journal. Also, he became the Editorial Director as well as the Vice President of the McGraw-Hill Media that included GreenSource: SNAP, Architectural Record: HQ Magazines, Constructor, Sweets, and ENR. Under the leadership of Robert , Architectural Records acquired several remarkable publishing industry honors.




The Mysterious Rise of Randal Nardone.

Randal Nardone is an investment mogul about who Fortress Investment Group will remain to boast. Having worked in the investment and banking industry for more than three decades, Randal felt that he needed to explore more in life so that he could enhance the speed towards achieving his dreams. He always wished to own a company that would render services in a justified manner to the Americans. While he worked at the Union Bank of Switzerland, Randal Nardone realized that there was a gap in the investment market in the way the finance and investment institutions rendered their services to their customers. He also realized that the investment management institutions had focused so much on the traditional asset strategies that were still inferior compared to the new asset classes that the company manages currently.

This reason, together with the urge to become a prominent investor, led Randal Nardone to join hands with Rob Kauffman and Wesley Edens to form Fortress Investment Group, in which he has been the principal since 1998. The presence of Randal Nardone in the company has contributed immensely to the greatness that Fortress has achieved. He has spearheaded a lot of initiatives that have led to the great improvements that the company has experienced since its formation.

One of the achievements that Randal has pioneered in Fortress Group is the provision of proper customer service to the company. The company has trained its workers to provide top-shelf services to their clients so that they can maintain a good rapport with them. The training has equipped the employees with the right attitude that they need to ensure that they build and maintain strong and professional business relationships with the clients. As a result, the clients of Fortress Investment Group have been on record being the happiest and claiming that the services that they get from the company are unmatched.

Despite being a very prominent and respected investment manager in the industry, Randal Nardone was never in the class of finance. He spent his life in campus pursuing Law in the Boston’s School of law, which was after obtaining a degree in Biology and English as Arts.