Lime Crime Embarks on an Exciting Direction with New Leadership

Lime Crime is an innovative international brand that features products that allows it to stand out from other brands. The quality of the products as well as the clearly defined audience has proven highly effective. With products such as Matte Valentines, Unicorn hair and Plushies, the company has created a cult following of Unicorns everywhere. The brand has also seen international notoriety and is recognized all over the world. With a brand such has seen so much success, can it get any better? According to its new appointment of leadership, apparently it can.

Recently, the brand has taken a new turn and has made a meteoric shift in major leadership positions Co-Founders Doe Deere and Sasha Valentine have built the iconic brand and created a loyal fanbase of consumers. Tengram Capital Partners, a pioneering equity firm that has a proven successful track record of leading and managing strong household names. The firm has recently acquired the brand and plans to take Lime Crime to new soaring heights.

There is also a new CEO in town for the brand. Former Fresh general manager Stacy Panagakis has taken over the executive position. Panagakis is highly qualified for this position with a track record of having excellent lucrative ventures with Sephora and Clinique. Lime Crime, known for its intoxicatingly wild style and creative presentation has been sought out by major brands including Bloomingdales and Under the direction of Tengram and Panagqkis, the brand will expand its growth by strategically aligning with major retailers. The firm will also be working toward increasing the visibility of the flagship website.

Deere will be stepping down and assuming a new role with the company’s board of directors. Valentine who has been with the brand for eight years will continue to assist in the development and expansion of the brand. Fans and patrons of the brand should be delighted to see the new developments this leadership will bring. Forging new relationships with key retailers will more than likely increase visibility and gain new following. The direction of the company is projected to be heading in the right direction with the announcement of new leadership.

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