Southridge Capital Success Story in Investment Market.

Southridge Capital was founded by Stephen Hicks who is the current Chief Executive Officer in 1996, before starting Southridge, Hicks was working for a small New York hedge fund, and as it was ending its operation, an opportunity aroused to start his own which he did. Hicks went to King’s college where he received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration then a Master’s in Business administration from Fordham University situated in New York. With the education background, Hicks was able to start and put up a management team that could help him achieve the objectives he had set for his company.


Over the years Southridge has been able to invest in over 250 public companies by financing them through the initial stage of growth and seeing them through until they are stable. With over 30 years of experience in the financial sector, Hicks with the help of an executive management team has been able to invest over $1.8 billion to various projects that the company has undertaken. The recent acquisition of Double Alpha Group which is a well-known trading hedge fund will enable them to offer a wide range of new services to the existing client. Furthermore, they will able to accommodate more client without compromising on the level of quality services they provide.


The use of cryptocurrency in the market has caused a mixed reaction with some willingly embracing it while others choose to avoid the use of it, Southridge Capital has not shy from it since its part of the finance world. It offers advice to its clients and updates them on how to take advantage where many won’t dare to go. There are various services which Southridge offers to its client which includes Balance sheet optimization, mergers and acquisition strategies, bankruptcy and legal settlement advice and financial analysis.


Southridge Capital acknowledges its social responsibility to the society with their CEO leading them they have undertaken various projects to help and make a positive impact. They have provided both time and financial help to various non-profit or faith-based organizations that have the same agenda to improve the welfare of the society. Hicks has made his mark in the financial world and he has proven that with the right mindset one can achieve beyond expectation. You can visit their website

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