InnovaCare’s Exemplary Leadership: Taking It To A Bright Future

InnovaCare is a company that has made quite an impact on the world of medical care. It is known to be one of the leaders in the healthcare segment in North America. The company provides some of the best services in healthcare to its patients, to ensure that they are well taken care of, whatever their medical needs might be. InnovaCare has received a lot of recognition for the numerous plans that they have for their customers. People who want to avail of InnovaCare’s services have to log onto their website and become a member. By doing so, the customers have to pay a small membership fee so that they can avail of any of the services that InnovaCare has. Since medical emergencies are unpredictable, a lot of people tend to want to opt for coverage that can help them whenever the need arises, and that is exactly what InnovaCare gives them. Using all the resources that InnovaCare has, they have been able to help over millions of customers all over the country. Check out



According to PR Newswire, one of the reasons why InnovaCare has become such a huge success in their field is because of the excellent leadership that the company has. The leaders of the company have taken InnovaCare to a whole new level, making them well-known healthcare provider, nationwide. One of the main leaders of InnovaCare who have helped the company grow and develop is their CEO Dr. Rick Shinto. Dr. Rick Shinto is someone who knows the inside out of the medical field, because he is a prominent pulmonologist in the sector. Because he has worked closely with patients, he knows exactly what he needs to give them regarding their needs. By applying this knowledge, he has been able to bring about reform to InnovaCare. He is one of the main people behind some of the medical plans that the company has incorporated into their membership scheme. Through his excellent leadership skills, and ability to lead a business actually, he has transformed Innovacare into something worth noting.


One of the other people who is known for making InnovaCare what it is today is Penelope Kokkinides. She has worked alongside Dr. Rick Shinto to make the company a success in the healthcare sector. Penelope Kokkinides currently serves as the company’s Chief Administrative Office. She has a tremendous amount of experience working with healthcare institutions and knows exactly how to run a medical establishment.



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