Surf Air Turned Five – Here’s What Went Down

Most true startups – not just recently-created small businesses, but true startups akin to the hundreds spread throughout Silicon Valley – don’t last longer than a year. Whenever real-deal-Holyfield startups – those that seek out millions of dollars of funding to rapidly grow its operations – make it past the stages of baby steps and training wheels, founders, executives, and investors deserve to celebrate.

Surf Air has recently partnered with three high-class, luxury travel companies in commemoration of its fifth anniversary of doing business. Technically, Surf Air kicked off its initial operations on June 13, 2013, though the private, high-class, exclusive travel-by-flight club recognized its five-year anniversary of pairing functionality with elegance on July 10, 2018.

The three travel-related entities that Surf Air has joined forces with include the following:
FoundersCard – This company markets itself as a membership-only discount club for entrepreneurs, innovators, chief executive officers, and founders of startups. FoundersCard brings discounts, free goods, extra add-ons at no additional cost, perks that very important persons (VIP) get, and even exclusive events to network with similarly-minded entrepreneurs and businesspeople.

The Private Suite – The Los Angeles International Airport is one of the most popular airports in the United States; as a result, there is typically tons of waiting in line, having to mix with sick people and annoying kids, and countless other things you certainly get fed up with at airports. The Private Suite is a private terminal for members of this exclusive club.

All Roads North – This company is similar to Surf Air in that it offers a luxury travel experience; however, All Roads North only operates via ground travel.

Surf Air also came out with Surf Air Experiences, a better way to plan fun weekends after flying with Surf Air.


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