Todd Lubar: An Entrepreneur’s Desire to Offer Solutions

Combining lessons learned when growing up with knowledge accumulated in school can help you become successful in the world of business. This strategy Todd Lubar has wisely used to become one of the renowned business people. He is the TDL Global Ventures president where he is in charge of a happy team of employees and equally satisfied bounty of clients.

Venturing into the Business Field

Although Todd has ventured in several forms of businesses including real estate, recycling, nightclub, and demolition industry, his main passion lies in the mortgage industry. Todd made a decision to dedicate his career to helping people find mortgage after realizing how hard it was for people to get their loans approved. He knew he had to come up with a solution that would offer relief to consumers from all walks of life.

While TDL Ventures is Todd Lubar’s source of income, he relies heavily on the knowledge he accumulated in the finance industry with his understanding of the real estate industry to help him get clients. He strongly believes in going for what he wants other than waiting until customers come looking for you. This view on how to run a business has helped him use TDL ventures to successfully work with mortgages and banks.

Dealing with Challenges

On Affiliate Dork Todd shares looking at how successful he is today, one can easily think that he has never faced any challenges in business. The truth, however, is that it hasn’t been a smooth ride for him. He has faced failure in business and had to start from scratch and he had to work hard for several years before he could start reaping fruits of his labor. Todd advises everyone who plans to venture into business to be persistent and focus on making things happen instead of waiting for a miracle.

About Todd Lubar

Todd didn’t venture into business immediately. After graduating from Syracuse University where he majored in Speech Communication, he landed a job at the Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he worked from 1995 to 1999. He later moved to Legacy Financial Group where he played a great part in helping the company increase its yearly revenues.

Todd Lubar has knowledge in different business fields and has managed to gain some experience in each of these industries. This experience helps him excel in the general world of business. He lives in Bethesda Maryland with his two beautiful daughters. Read more on


Jason Halpern the Man Behind JMH Development

Jason Halpern is the principle of JMH Development after founding of the full-service real estate business in 2010. This is a company that develops both residential and commercial properties nationwide and is known for luxury properties in sought-after markets such as Brooklyn and Manhattan, New York and Miami Beach, Florida. Mr. Halpren and JMH Developments is dedicated to the creative and high-quality development of properties. In all stages of the development process the JHM team of professionals are knowledgably from due diligence through the construction process. They are experienced in strategy, site and building design, whether residential, mixed property use or hospitality geared.

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

JMH Development currently is involved in 340 luxury apartments in New York. These rental units are at an address listed on the National Historical Society and were awarded by Building Brooklyn Award for adaptive reuse at 184 Kent. Then the company worked on developing nine luxury townhouses in Cobble Hill.

Jason Halpern and JMH Developments have also been involved in a historic structures restoration in Miami Beach with the opening of Aloft South Beach a newly constructed hotel with 235 larger rooms than the competition located one block from Miami Beach being located in South Beach and within minutes from the Miami Beach Convention Center. JMH Developments joined with Madden Real Estate Ventures to adapt and reuse the historic Motel Ankara, a new eight story tower and the Aloft South Beach hotel with rooms averaging 360 square feet larger than the competing hotels at Miami Beach.

Jason Halpern with Model, Milana and Richard

This location is near art galleries, night clubs and the Bass Museum of Art. The hotel features an outdoor pool, roof lounge, and 24-hour fitness center. It also features meeting space for business meetings or social gatherings. The hotel will have access to local emerging artists and bands with Live at Aloft Hotels programming at the WXYZ bars. Jason Halpern said about this project that it marked a major milestone with the construction process starting the next phase in the completion and opening of the Aloft South Beach hotel. The Aloft South Beach hotel offers modern style in the traditional hotel landscape style and technology throughout the hotel.


Timothy Armour and His Investment Expertise

The investment field is a wide one that is populated by many experts such as Timothy Armour. He is the leader of Capital Group, and he knows how to help his clients maximize their funds in the best ways possible. This article explains how Timothy Armour feels about certain business trends, and it shows that he is aligning himself with many of the best investors in the world. Someone who needs a new place to invest may find what they need, or they may read about Timothy’s opinions on current business trends.

#1: What Is The Purpose Of Capital Group?

Capital Group is one of the strongest in the world, and it is a company that has done quite a lot of work to ensure that all their clients are earning more money. The company has billions of dollars under management, and Timothy helps guide the company to a place that is better and safer for each client.

#2: How Does Timothy Learn About Business?

Timothy is learning about a number of things that are making his business better, and he wants to align his company with a number of people who write about their own business perspectives. The company is quite strong because of what Timothy has learned, and Timothy is learning from great scions of investment such as Warren Buffet. These men are giving Timothy the inspiration that is required, and he is allowing him customers to learn these very same things and learn more about Timothy.

#3: How Do Clients Invest With Capital Group?

There are quite a few people who are searching for help with investment, and they will retire with this company when they are ready. Capital Group helps companies ensure that they are investing well, and they give clients information that will help them save time and money. The client who uses information from Capital Group will be more than ready to retire sometime in the future and Timothy’s lacrosse camp.

Everyone who is investing with Capital Group will find that the company gives them every opportunity to save their hard-earned cash. Timothy Armour does the work required to grow the company, and he researches the finest investors in the world and more information click here.

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