Paul Mampilly Warns Against Cryptocurrency Bubble

Caleb Garvin recently discussed Paul Mampilly’s take on the latest cryptocurrency advancement in his article “Paul Mampilly Has Struck Gold Again.” The article was published on the Daily Forex Report website and dives into the reasons Paul Mampilly didn’t invest in the cryptocurrency.

Mampilly reveals that about 8% of Americans currently own cryptocurrency and their entire knowledge of it is centered in Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency was created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 to avoid being regulated by governments and banks. Cryptocurrency is an entirely digital form of currency that is managed with cryptographic patterns and incredibly complex rules. It was designed for electronic payments between big tech companies but it began having incredible growth after pop culture discovered it.

Paul Mampilly believes cryptocurrency is actually the next investment bubble and it might be wise to sell now. The controversial decision is based on his identification of bubbles. Though they are difficult to identify, they can show signs like a sharp rise in public interest, like the late 90’s bubble situation. Mampilly reveals that much of the current sentiment on Wall Street feels similar to the 90’s situation. Many investors are begging him to buy but Mampilly watched the burst in the 90’s and saw hundreds of his friends lose millions of dollars worth of investments.

Mampilly revealed that Bitcoin only continued to rise in value because of the feeding frenzy in the media that constantly claimed the value was rising. By enticing inexperienced investors with the promise of huge profits, people simply did not want to miss out on the opportunity. However, many investors are beginning to understand that the might have missed out on the impressive gains.

Paul Mampilly began his career on Wall Street after graduating from Fordham Gabelli School of Business with his MBA. He went straight to big companies and hedge funds like Bankers Trust Company, ING Funds, and Deutsche Asset Management. He was so talented that he was able to turn $5 billion in investment funds into $25 billion. However, he recognized that Wall Street simply wasn’t doing enough for the average American. This is why he joined Banyan Hill Publishing with his newsletter Profits Unlimited.

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The CAO of InnovaCare Health—Penelope Kokkinides shares her experience

One of the most successful and privately held healthcare companies, InnovaCare Health has marked its name all across Puerto Rico. The company has many dedicated members working within the organization. One of the most prominent figures of InnovaCare Health is Penelope Kokkinides who currently serves as CAO, and has invested precious years of her life to the company. Some interesting aspects of Penelope Kokkinides were reviewed during an interview which you would love to have a look at.


With the incredible 20 years of experience in healthcare programs, Penelope rejoined InnovaCare Health in 2015, June and currently holds the position of Chief Administration Officer. Previously she served the company as Chief Operator Officer and Vice president of clinical operations. Penelope is a personality that is encapsulated with extensive knowledge of developing healthcare and clinical programs and withholds the ability to manage vast infrastructural strategies and operational processes.

She received her BA, double major in biological sciences and classical languages from Binghamton University in1991, MSW—social work from New York University school of social work in 1995, and MPH from Columbia University School of Public Health in 2010. Her dedication and occupational history are not limited to InnovaCare Health, she served Centerlight Healthcare as Executive Vice president, Chief Operating Officer at Touchstone Health, as well as served AmeriChoice as Corporate Vice President for care and disease management—where she even implemented her own intelligently designed company’s health model.


Along with working as a successful entrepreneur, Penelope Kokkinides enlightens her followers with significantly important tips for health that are easy to follow and can bring remarkably positive changes in health. Penelope believes that being organized and structured is the key of being a successful entrepreneur, as well as to be aware of the happening in the industry—reading articles, research papers, publications, and other sources help a lot to gain information. She also recommended a book named “Start With Why” by Simon Sinek. For her it’s a motivational book that made her focus on the fact “Why” is the important question when you have to start with something.  You can visit for more info.


Her day is usually spent traveling to different destinations where she attends to various matters related to work and her duties. She gives a huge credit to her team that educates her with different bright ideas and also implements them.

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Stage Design From Clay Hutson

Clay Hutson is a sound engineer like few have ever seen in the music industry. He went to college to study theater design, which lead him to work for every several performers. The experience was the first part in the path that lead him to become a sound designer for some of the biggest artists of the modern generation. The other event to influence his career path was the late 2000s economic recession. He felt that he had to take full control over his own work in order to stand a chance in the fragile economy going to the following decade.

The job of set design and sound engineering involves a high level of thinking. He has to consider the structure of the venue and how that can affect sound, lighting, and movement of the performer. On the performance day, he always arrives first to plan out who get which tasks and plan staging of the venue. Productivity is key to ensure the perform starts on time, runs successfully, and finishes strong. The behind the scene work Clay Hutson performs adds that special touch to a performance and often increases audience enjoyment.

Clay Hutson’s reputation has grown in recent years. He maintains a strong level of dedication and professionalism on each job, while keeping strong attention to detail during each show. He is excited about the new techniques he can do with upcoming innovative technology, especially with video components becoming more common. The path to success featured one failure in his early days. There was a dispute between himself and client over service quality. While the case never went anywhere, it left Clay Hutson with a huge legal fee at a bad time.

When it comes to the entertainment industry, concerts and tours attract fans from all over the world. While its the name of the artist that attracts consumers, its individuals like Clay Hutson who make the show run. He studies the venues in detail to figure out how to optimize the performance. Light tricks, videos, smoke, and actor movements can all enhance the experience for everyone. The future looks bright for Clay Hutson as the entertainment industry continues to boom and create new ways to engage fans.