George Soros from Brilliant Financial Mind to Philanthropist

George Soros is a brilliant financial mind. He became a legend when he made more than a $1 billion betting on the decline of the British Sterling Pound. His hedge fund that bears his name is one of the more successful hedge funds operating today. But Soros is so much more that a financial genius, he began his philanthropy, The Open Society, soon after he achieved financial independence and secured the future for himself and his family.

In 2016 Soros announced that his foundation would give $500 million in grants to companies founded by refugees and migrants. In the past, he has given billions to the refugee crisis occurring around the world. Soros himself knows the tyranny of fascist governments having been born a jew in Nazi-occupied Hungary.  Read more on

After making his financial fortune, he was able to develop more of his time to world causes and promoting the work of Karl Popper who wrote, The Open Society. It is that same philosophy that Soros would adopt, and then his foundation would carry the title of the book written by Popper. Soros saw that democracy was the result of free and open societies and he has since advocated these principles as his personal philosophy. Soros has found himself at odds with other wealthy men who usually sought protection for their monies in Republican causes and politics.


But Soros has continued with his philanthropic ways; he no longer has a daily involvement with his hedge fund. George Soros is committed to his foundation and traveling the world advocating for free and open societies. He has written extensively on numerous subjects and those pursuing financial goals should read what he has written on financial matters. At 86 years of age, this national treasure will not be with us for long. He represents ideas that were cherished by the original founders of the American Constitution, but unfortunately, these Constitutional ideals have been forgotten by many Americans.

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Betsy DeVos Dedicated Dream of Philanthropy

If life could be defined simply by what one has accomplished, there is much that can be said about the DeVos. This is because of their dedicated contribution in the world of education, politics, reforms and other charitable organizations. They have dedicated millions of dollars to different courses with an aim of changing the world. When it comes to education, their contribution has gone beyond what many other people have given. It is not a wonder; Betsy was nominated as the Secretary of Education. Since they started in the journey of philanthropy in 1989, they have sustained their passion for philanthropy. Read her interview with Philantrophy Table.

Beneficiaries of Philanthropy

Betsy and Dick have channeled their finances in the different courses to support political views and other different beliefs held by Christians. They have funded Loudspeaker Media Inc., Success Academy Charter Schools, Potter House, and Alliance for School Choice and American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy. Their generous contribution to the welfare of the society has been deep rooted in what their parents started. The culture of giving donations in the philanthropy started a long time ago with their parents who supported the same courses the couple supports today. They have also supported colleges and universities such as J.F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. The different beneficiaries have received different amounts that make a total of a phenomenal figure. Over the years, Dick and Betsy DeVos have given $200,000 to Potter’s House, $100,000 to Alliance for School Choice and $50,000 to Foundation for Excellence in Education. Maryland College Park Foundation has received a donation of $50,000. In Michigan alone, the couple through their foundation has donated over $44 million to support political activities. They have also been ranked in the same category with the Koch’s for their great contribution in changing the society. The support given has been unique because the couple remains honest and sincere in their giving. In the past, they have helped change education systems that did not work for the best interest of the students and the dream of the country at large.


The DeVos Family Foundation

The foundation, which is today run by the couple is not only limited to supporting a number of activities in the society. This is because they have also been concerned about the health care system. This has led to giving of millions of dollars to support health care and arts. They have also supported the ArtPrize and pediatric oncology. The foundation continues to be strong even after Betsy was appointed to serve in government. In her leadership position, she stands as a clear model of how success and destiny can be achieved. The couple through their foundation also has become a sure success story to many people who wish to change the society through different means.

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