Stage Design From Clay Hutson

Clay Hutson is a sound engineer like few have ever seen in the music industry. He went to college to study theater design, which lead him to work for every several performers. The experience was the first part in the path that lead him to become a sound designer for some of the biggest artists of the modern generation. The other event to influence his career path was the late 2000s economic recession. He felt that he had to take full control over his own work in order to stand a chance in the fragile economy going to the following decade.

The job of set design and sound engineering involves a high level of thinking. He has to consider the structure of the venue and how that can affect sound, lighting, and movement of the performer. On the performance day, he always arrives first to plan out who get which tasks and plan staging of the venue. Productivity is key to ensure the perform starts on time, runs successfully, and finishes strong. The behind the scene work Clay Hutson performs adds that special touch to a performance and often increases audience enjoyment.

Clay Hutson’s reputation has grown in recent years. He maintains a strong level of dedication and professionalism on each job, while keeping strong attention to detail during each show. He is excited about the new techniques he can do with upcoming innovative technology, especially with video components becoming more common. The path to success featured one failure in his early days. There was a dispute between himself and client over service quality. While the case never went anywhere, it left Clay Hutson with a huge legal fee at a bad time.

When it comes to the entertainment industry, concerts and tours attract fans from all over the world. While its the name of the artist that attracts consumers, its individuals like Clay Hutson who make the show run. He studies the venues in detail to figure out how to optimize the performance. Light tricks, videos, smoke, and actor movements can all enhance the experience for everyone. The future looks bright for Clay Hutson as the entertainment industry continues to boom and create new ways to engage fans.

Alex Pall’s Eclectic Taste Makes Use Of Good Design

Discovering Alex Pall’s unique musical taste has struck a chord with the whole of the United States. Enjoying the success of hits like “Roses” and “Don’t Let Me Down” has lead Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, the duo known as the”Chainsmokers” to keep their roots in dance music but offer something more than just straight electronic music to the wide variety of fans that listen to them.

Taggart came into the group after the Chainsmokers was already established, but the chemistry between the two bandmates is apparent. Pall and Taggart both have a solid background working as professional DJs, so they do blend their sounds together seemlessly. But, Pall was the one who wanted to take their music into a direction that was not the same as other electronic/ dance music being produced today. Alex works hard to write unique music. He believes that to stay on top as the best, a band’s music needs offer a different experience to a wide variety of people. Mr. Pall believes they accomplished that with “Closer“, a tale about relationships from the past.

Mr. Pall’s eclectic style also spills over into his choice of home and the treasured objects inside the residence. Alex purchased a 1930’s home in California that has a mix of the old and new. His home was renovated in both the 1980’s and 1990’s giving it a old but modern twist. Having worked with interior designer Peti Lau, who describes her style as “astrofreak”, Mr. Pall’s home became a work of art expressing all his different interests. The living room is a heavy mix of patterns that seemingly work well together. The bathroom only needed a few modern touches as the original tilework and fixtures kept the space distinctive. And in his sparsely, modern kitchen is a extra large piece of neon that was used as a backdrop for recent Chainsmokers concerts.

Given the wide range of interests that shapes Alex Pall’s world, it will be interesting to hear the other songs that follow the string of Chainsmokers successes.

How Nine9 is Revolutionizing the Talent Industry

Most people have heard of the economic 99% but not a lot of people are aware of the other 99% – the 99% of people who are trying to work in the talent industry who simply do not have access to a talent agency. Given the fact that most aspiring actors, singers and models, both men and women, are just not represent by a industry agency – and no wonder, acting agency usually only take in people whom they hand select via their talent scouts. This means that getting into a mainstream established studio almost always comes down to luck of the draw, if they like you (regardless of your skills) you are in, if not, then you are flat out of luck and more information click here.

That is where, Nine9, which describes itself as “The Unagency” comes in. Unlike many other similar organizations dedicated to actors, models and singers, Nine9 does not seek to control or dictate to their clients but rather simply provide their clients with the most useful and viable tools that will help get their foot in the door into their respective industry and succeed from there. The company keeps to its mission statement and clearly laid out principal of not being a agency by abstaining from taking commission fees off of successful gigs which their clients enter into which is something most talent agencies will usually do. What this means is that it is not only a far more flexible option that puts prospective actors and models through training with proven professionals, it is also, generally speaking, much cheaper than hiring an agent and Nine9’s lacrosse camp.

First and foremost, Nine9 provides real world, brick and mortar locations where clients can meet to begin building up their portfolio, generally by assembling some professionally taken photos which clients can use to showcase their aesthetic to prospective studios. But Nine9 takes it a step further and utilizes these portfolio building experiences to help train their clients by having them focus on industry essentials like social decorum, good aesthetics, punctuality (arriving on time) and wardrobe consciousness and variability and learn more about Nine9.