Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Versus the Amazon Giant

Amazon has been taking online clothing retailers to task for years, and this year they are so comfortably ahead with 20 percent of the sales in that niche they don’t worry much anymore. That is exactly why Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is poised to give Amazon one of the biggest runs for the money in recent years. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has been quietly gaining ground on Amazon, pulling in a very impressive $250 million in sales of workout apparel, and this could be the beginning of a long stretch of dominance from this high-quality apparel company.


Hudson doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to talking about her athleisure brand, she credits the majority of the success to her membership package and the sales process that is simply known as reverse showrooming. To better understand how these two factors are contributing to those record sales numbers, first we need to travel to the Fabletics stores that are in the local malls. This is where women are shopping for the latest in workout apparel, trying on all the latest pieces of active-wear, window-shopping, and enhancing the membership they have by taking the Lifestyle Quiz.


Part of the benefit of being the member to the store is that each item you try on and that fits your perfectly is added to your online profile. When these women visit the online Fabletics store, they will see all those selections waiting right there for them. This eliminates the concern of whether or not the clothing is going to fit or flatter their frame or not. Since they know for sure how the merchandise fits, the only thing left to do is buy. This is where the majority of the sales happen, part of the success and growth of the company in such a short span.


Hudson’s Fabletics membership also includes the help of a personal shopping assistant, free online shipping of all orders, and even special discounted pricing. Looking at this from a distance, it is all about pampering the customer. Having a personal shopping assistant choose one piece of apparel each month based on quiz answers only adds to the overall shopping experience. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics sells high-quality merchandise at low prices, but also knows how to take care of each customer individually. Amazon may not be able to match this sales process, and that could be the reason they see Fabletics pass them in sales soon.

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