Save Money By Eliminating Passive Energy Drain

Everyone has had that moment where they open their power bill only to find that it is much higher than anticipated. The first thoughts to come mind is why is the bill so high and what can be done to make it lower. What is not abundantly known is that everyday gadgets continue to draw power even if they aren’t powered on ( Managing this phantom drain can help lower the cost of power bills.


It is important to examine your house to see which devices are currently plugged in and drawing power needlessly. Devices such as game consoles, computers, printers, and DVRs can add up to hundreds of dollars per year in passive energy drain. This is money that can be better spent in other places (ReleaseFact). Staying aware of this fact can lead to savings and addressing the problem is fairly easy as well. Grouping devices together in power strips and unplugging the strip when they aren’t needed is all that is required.


Stream Energy began as a company in 2005 as providers of electricity and natural gas in the state of Texas. The company sought to grow in a unique way by selling energy by word of mouth. Multi-level marketing became the backbone of the companies growth, as well as, a means for providing entrepreneurial-minded people the opportunity to make some money while aiding in the company’s growth.


In later years, the company has expanded its business model to include more services available to the wider area. Besides energy, the company now offers wireless, home, and medical care through its protective services. Wireless services include plans and devices. Home services provide landline phone service and smart thermostat. Streams protective services gives customers access to board-certified doctors without the need for insurance. The company has expanded its energy division to include products that provide clean energy. All services, except energy, are available to customers nationwide. Energy is available in the following seven locations: Texas, Maryland, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., New York, New Jersey, and Illinois.

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