Betsy Devos Hard Worker Despite Lack of Experience

Betsy Devos admittedly does not have enough experience in government compared to her peers. Supporters and detractors know President Donald Trump’s education secretary will eventually get the hang of it and establish the right connections. According to Randi Weingarten, American Federation of Teachers president as well as a steadfast supporter of the opposition Democrat Party, Secretary Devos displays charm and simplicity, but the lady can become a threat.



Lack of Contacts



Critics insist Ms. Devos does not have the network to public schools or understanding about the problems of average households in supporting their children’s education. The wealthy Devos and Prince (Betsy’s family) clans were products of private colleges. For more than 30 years, Betsy lobbied hard to channel taxpayers’ money from the public, academic institutions to charter schools. These privately-operated academies depend on public funds beyond the composition of public institutes.



Betsy Devos also asked for government subsidies to pay tuition in private high schools and colleges. Advocates of the charter concept claim this approach provides options for deprived families and produce competition compelling traditional schools to find means for improvement. The lobbyist-turned government official supports learning institutions managed by for-profit enterprises. She contradicts performance benchmarks for these charter institutes.



Through her initiatives, Detroit boasts of the most number of charter schools. On the other hand, the city’s public school system continues to get worse. Officials of Detroit backed by a bicameral party of state legislators endorsed a possible law that will build procedures to allow new charter academies and close those that perform dismally. To counter the bill, Betsy Devos formed the Great Lakes Education Project, campaigned against the proposal, and came out victorious.



Long-time inhabitants of Ms. Devos’ hometown in Western Michigan find it harder nowadays to patch up the Betsy they knew with the Betsy who sits as President Trump’s colorful secretary of education. The first Betsy exudes generosity and a practical mind. On the contrary, the second represents someone unqualified, obstinate, and isolated from reality. Betsy came from the rich and old-fashioned Prince lineage. She went to the Christian Reformed Church in Holland (Michigan).



Betsy attended Calvin College, another Christian school close to Grand Rapids. She married Dick Devos, heir to the founder of the Amway multinational corporation and ran for governor of Michigan more than10 years ago but lost to Democratic bet Jennifer Granholm. The billionaire spouses have contributed to numerous academic, religious and political undertakings in their home state. Learn more: