How Brian Bonar Is Building A Restaurant Empire In San Diego

The Californian city of San Diego is known for many things. It is known for the University of California, San Diego, an educational institution whose medical institutions and focus on cultivating scholarship that focuses on the intersection between science and technology have helped put San Diego on the map as a hotspot for research and innovation.

It is also known for the San Diego Zoo which is a facility open to the public that contains more than 3,700 animals. San Diego is known for standing apart from other cities in the country when it comes to research, animal conservation and now restaurants.

Local businessman and Scottish transplant Brian Bonar is helping to put San Diego on the map when it comes to restaurants. Bonar has been slowly creating as small culinary empire under the radar in the San Diego area.

He is the Chief Executive Officer of Trucept Incorporation, a business that focuses on providing other companies specialized services that are designed to enhance their efficiency and performance.

When Brian Bonar is not serving clients through his work at Trucept Inc., he is overseeing Grand Restaurant Group, the parent company for his restaurants. The restaurants that comprise Grand Restaurant Group include Bellamy’s, Ranch at Bandy Canyon and more recently Ponsaty’s.

When Brian Bonar launched Bellamy’s he tapped the globally-renowned chef Patrick Ponsaty. Ponsaty, who is a native of France, is arguably the shining jewel of Bonar’s restaurant empire.

When he first connected with Grand Restaurant Group, he started with the company as the head chef of Bellamy’s. Today he is in charge of food operations for the entire company.

By bringing in Ponsaty, Bonar was able to distinguish Bellamy’s as a restaurant that combines the flair and the sophistication of French cooking with the familiarity and eclecticism of Californian cooking.

Food writers that have reviewed the meals that Ponsaty has prepared at Bellamy’s have raved over his desserts and entrees. A writer from San Diego Magazine praised Ponsaty’s famous penchant for ingenuity when he raved over a dish that included beet ice cream paired with a tart filled with goat cheese.

The dish illustrates how Ponsaty uses flavors that are unexpected but that are a thrill even just to read about let alone be able to eat. The San Diego Tribune notes that Ponsaty creates meals in a way that leaves his unique culinary stamp on them.

He cooks with fresh ingredients and uses a style that is a throwback to his roots in French cuisine. The guests who choose to stop by Bellamy’s and the other restaurants that Ponsaty oversees will be able to experience first hand why Ponsaty won the title of Master Chef of France.

Choosing to build a restaurant empire around Ponsaty speaks to Brian Bonar’s skill as a businessman and entrepreneur.