Eva Moskowitz Is Bringing College Readiness Programs To Life

Eva Moskowitz is the Founder and CEO of Success Academy Charter Schools and just won a $250,000 grant which she will be using towards a new institute. In Washington DC she attended the National Charter School Conference who awarded her with the Broad Prize for Public Charter Schools. This is fantastic news for parents who are interested in enrolling their children into Success Academy or whose children already attend.

The Success Academy provides stellar education to¬†undeserved children. While this isn’t the only way Eva Moskowitz has obtained funds for the Success Academy, this award has proven that her school is successful. The schools principals greet the students personally every day, which ensures a healthy relationship between student and faculty. Eva Moskowitz has made it possible for teachers to focus on hands on learning and one on one time, which has proven to help students learn quicker than traditional methods.

Eva Moskowitz has shared that this will help undeserved kids in New York City achieve the same success as those students in affluent suburbs. This is also a great success for her struggle with Mayor de Blasio, as the needs of students at Success Academy deserve a secure education.

College readiness programs are on their way to Success Academy, thanks to Evan Moskowitz winning this award. The students attending will have access to information which will assist them in getting into college; information many students are not given. College readiness programs have proven to help students feel more secure about entering the depths of college and tackling their future with ease.

Eva Moskowitz has dedicated her life to helping children have the most secure future possible through personalized education as well as access to technologies and information. She is leading the way in the education industry; proving that all children can be provided for and their educations are worthy of attention.