Drew Madden’s Leadership and the Changing World of Healthcare

The United States is home to some of the greatest healthcare in the world. But Americans also face some of the highest healthcare costs in the world. Other developed countries, like the UK, Japan and Canada, deliver a similar level of service in a much more efficient way.

In the US, we tend to rely on markets to fix things. Many Americans dislike government intervention in industries like healthcare. The lack of coordination among the players in healthcare causes inefficiencies and higher costs. It often takes lots of time and money before doctors, insurers and pharmacies can come together to make proper care possible.

Luckily, entrepreneurial Americans are responding to the inefficiencies in the medical field. Companies like Amazon are looking into the pharmacy business. CVS, famous for its brick and mortar stores, is looking at getting into the insurance business. These potential partnerships mean that in the near future, things may go much more smoothly for American patients.

Another consideration, when it comes to healthcare, is security and record-keeping. An example of this is Evergreen Healthcare Partners. Evergreen’s approach to healthcare IT is unique. This company focuses not only on storing information and protecting it. They also understand the importance of making information shareable, yet secure.

Drew Madden is a big reason for Evergreen’s success. Madden’s background is in industrial engineering, with a focus in medical engineering. Madden understands that doctors need to be able to share information with other clinicians. He also know that analytics are helping doctors crack medical mysteries these days.

The ability to store large amounts of data in the cloud has revolutionized all kinds of industry. Now, companies can analyze these big cohorts of data, too. They can see trends in the development of diseases and gain new understanding from that.

Madden takes great pride in leading Evergreen Healthcare Partners forward into the changing world of medicine. The American healthcare industry is in need of change. Madden is a problem-solver, and he’s looking forward to making a contribution in a sector that needs him.