Robert Thikoll and Beckman Coulter Rise to the Challenges

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences manufacturers medical diagnostic equipment to make the lives of scientists and laboratory workers much easier. They automate the work to make these technical specialists more efficient and productive. For over eighty years, Beckman Coulter has been helping the life sciences conduct research and diagnose disease conditions.

Beckman Coulter shows a video of a happy customer giving his testimonial regarding how one of their machines helps to automate the genomic workflow using liquid handling automation. At Chr. Hansen, they make start cultures for the dairy industry. Martin Abel-Kistrup is one of their research scientists. In his laboratory, they identify the strains. They make sure the strains they are growing are the right strains the consumers want. To accomplish this, they carry out different genetic analysis.

However, they had problems doing their sequencing. They could not get consistent data and they had a lot of errors. And the process took two weeks to accomplish. However, by automating the sequencing, he gets an answer in three days. And in another process, he was lucky to do 24 samples by hand in one day. Now the lab can do 48 samples in a day.

Robert Thikoll is the Vice President of Global Manufacturing Operations of Beckman Coulter Life Sciences, a division of the Danaher Corporation. Danaher is a worldwide innovator in technical and science products.

Thikoll has a Bachelor’s Degree in Japanese Language and Literature from Nanzan University in Nagoya-shi, Aichi, Japan. From Arizona State University he earned a degree in Political Science and Government in Japanese Asian Studies. He is married with children.