How José Henrique Made Mullen Lowe, a Famous Ad Agency in Whole Brazil?

José Henrique Borghi began his career at 89 in Standard Ogilvy and worked for major agencies such as FCB, Talent, Leo Burnett and DM9 / DDB, and ultimately he became the CEO for Mullen Lowe Group network. Throughout his professional career, he won some awards: 14 Lions at Cannes, Archive editor, 11 at the New York Festival, ten awards at The One Show, 10 Clios Awards, 7 Festivals at the London Festival and 15 April Awards Advertising. He elected for “Advertiser of the Year” for the 26th Edition of Columnists Award in São Paulo.

He worked with major advertisers in the Advertising market, such as Mitsubishi, FIAT, Honda Cars and Motorcycles, Itacor, BankBoston, Antarctica, Arcor, Unilever and much more. Borghi / Lowe have become prominent in nationwide and global Advertising festivals as this company was constantly striving to put creative excellence into practice. However, beyond talent, they heavily rely on the partnership of their customers, who approve their ideas. Due to the hard work and efforts of José Henrique Borghi, Mullen Lowe won Gold in FIAP.

Borghi/Lowe is going to rebrand as Mullen Lowe Brasil as part of a brand migration of the Lowe network to an all new Mullen Lowe Group identity. In combination with the rebranding, and to drive energy of the newly designed Mullen Lowe Group in Brazil, the new leadership has announced as well. André Gomes – currently VP for a branch in Rio de Janeiro– has been promoted to co-CEO of operation in Brazil, alongside present CEO José Borghi who is the name of trust and reliability. Alongside the leadership changes and rebranding, Mullen Lowe Group has decided to close Brasilia office and focus on the flagship offices in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Regarding creativity, Mullen Lowe received an award, the Silver Lion, at Cannes Film Festival in 2010 and learn more about Jose Borghi.

George Soros from Brilliant Financial Mind to Philanthropist

George Soros is a brilliant financial mind. He became a legend when he made more than a $1 billion betting on the decline of the British Sterling Pound. His hedge fund that bears his name is one of the more successful hedge funds operating today. But Soros is so much more that a financial genius, he began his philanthropy, The Open Society, soon after he achieved financial independence and secured the future for himself and his family.

In 2016 Soros announced that his foundation would give $500 million in grants to companies founded by refugees and migrants. In the past, he has given billions to the refugee crisis occurring around the world. Soros himself knows the tyranny of fascist governments having been born a jew in Nazi-occupied Hungary. He was able to flee to London where he paid for his education working as a railway porter and a waiter. Read more on

After making his financial fortune, he was able to develop more of his time to world causes and promoting the work of Karl Popper who wrote, The Open Society. It is that same philosophy that Soros would adopt, and then his foundation would carry the title of the book written by Popper. Soros saw that democracy was the result of free and open societies and he has since advocated these principles as his personal philosophy. Soros has found himself at odds with other wealthy men who usually sought protection for their monies in Republican causes and politics. Soros was the odd man out in Republican circles, and the members of the Good Old Boys Clubs began taking offense at this great man.


But Soros has continued with his philanthropic ways; he no longer has a daily involvement with his hedge fund. George Soros is committed to his foundation and traveling the world advocating for free and open societies. He has written extensively on numerous subjects and those pursuing financial goals should read what he has written on financial matters. At 86 years of age, this national treasure will not be with us for long. He represents ideas that were cherished by the original founders of the American Constitution, but unfortunately, these Constitutional ideals have been forgotten by many Americans.

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Betsy DeVos Dedicated Dream of Philanthropy

If life could be defined simply by what one has accomplished, there is much that can be said about the DeVos. This is because of their dedicated contribution in the world of education, politics, reforms and other charitable organizations. They have dedicated millions of dollars to different courses with an aim of changing the world. When it comes to education, their contribution has gone beyond what many other people have given. It is not a wonder; Betsy was nominated as the Secretary of Education. Since they started in the journey of philanthropy in 1989, they have sustained their passion for philanthropy. Read her interview with Philantrophy Table.

Beneficiaries of Philanthropy

Betsy and Dick have channeled their finances in the different courses to support political views and other different beliefs held by Christians. They have funded Loudspeaker Media Inc., Success Academy Charter Schools, Potter House, and Alliance for School Choice and American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy. Their generous contribution to the welfare of the society has been deep rooted in what their parents started. The culture of giving donations in the philanthropy started a long time ago with their parents who supported the same courses the couple supports today. They have also supported colleges and universities such as J.F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. The different beneficiaries have received different amounts that make a total of a phenomenal figure. Over the years, Dick and Betsy DeVos have given $200,000 to Potter’s House, $100,000 to Alliance for School Choice and $50,000 to Foundation for Excellence in Education. Maryland College Park Foundation has received a donation of $50,000. In Michigan alone, the couple through their foundation has donated over $44 million to support political activities. They have also been ranked in the same category with the Koch’s for their great contribution in changing the society. The support given has been unique because the couple remains honest and sincere in their giving. In the past, they have helped change education systems that did not work for the best interest of the students and the dream of the country at large.


The DeVos Family Foundation

The foundation, which is today run by the couple is not only limited to supporting a number of activities in the society. This is because they have also been concerned about the health care system. This has led to giving of millions of dollars to support health care and arts. They have also supported the ArtPrize and pediatric oncology. The foundation continues to be strong even after Betsy was appointed to serve in government. In her leadership position, she stands as a clear model of how success and destiny can be achieved. The couple through their foundation also has become a sure success story to many people who wish to change the society through different means.

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Marketing Delicious Wine Can Be A Profitable Business

Earning money with the Traveling Vineyard’s home business opportunity is based on holding wine tasting parties conducted by independent representatives in the host’s private homes. The representative, called a Wine Guide, brings a wine tasting kit, which they have purchased, containing five bottles of wine to the party.

During an educational discussion, the Wine Guide serves each guest an ounce or two of each of the five exclusive wines. If guests wish to place an order, the Wine Guide collects a commission from each bottle ordered during the party.

While the Traveling Vineyard’s wines are promoted by network marketing, they are as delicious as any of the expensive wines that can be found in local wine shops. Since the Traveling Vineyard depends on their Wine Guides to promote their exclusive wines by holding wine tastings, the wines must appeal to the guest’s palate and be affordable, so that the wine practically sells itself.

Each Wine Guide has a website to personalize with their picture and story. Previous customers can reorder their favorite wines through the website, however, many Wine Guides tell their story on social media and refer potential team members to their website to sign up. Building a team earns Wine Guides additional money in return for providing support to new team members.

On Facebook, the Traveling Vineyard says that Wines Guides have fun while reaping the financial rewards from holding wine tastings. All direct selling companies say this, nevertheless, the Traveling Vineyard backs up their claim with testimonials from numerous Wine Guides who enjoy what they do and who are happy with what they earn.

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Duda Melzer is a Respected Leader in the Brazilian Business Circles

RBS Group President Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, popularly identified by the name Duda Melzer, was born in a family with a rich entrepreneurial history. His grandfather, Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho, established RBS Group six decades ago, reveals Since then, the media conglomerate has been run by the Sirotsky family from generation to generation. Duda took the helm of leadership last year from his uncle, Nelson Sirotsky. By virtue of being the president, Eduardo is the chairman of the Board of Directors of RBS Group.

Duda’s Academic Journey

Coming from a business lineage, it was no surprise that Duda opted to pursue a Business Administration course at the University. Born in 1972, he got his bachelor’s degree at the age of 26 years from Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande Sul. Duda then moved to the USA to further his studies, acquiring his master’s degree from Harvard University. According to, while at Harvard, he pursued two short business courses: Building & Leading Customer Centric Organizations and Effective Strategies for Media Companies.

Duda’s Career Path

After completing his MBA, Duda was briefly employed with American firms, including Delphi Corporation as a financial analyst, Box Top Media as the CEO, and Family Communication Network as the director general. Duda left the U.S. in 2004 to join RBS Group. He started off in the National Market as the director general before moving to Market & Business Development to serve as the vice president. His first RBS Group executive position came in 2010 when he was given the executive vice president role. Two years later, he earned a promotion to the CEO position. He was serving in this capacity before assuming the firm’s presidency.

Personal Life

Duda is married and is a proud father of three children with whom they reside in Porto Alegre. Outside of business, Duda Melzer loves spending time with his family. Duda is also a sports enthusiast.

Leading inmate Service Provider- Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies a correctional company based in Dallas, Texas, and one of the leading firms in the distribution of products and services to the correctional institutions. Securus provides civil and criminal justice technology solutions for public security, monitoring, and investigation. Recently the organization published some comments and recommendations from its customers across Northern America. Below are some of the comments.

  • One of its clients appreciated Securus help on their case, as they were able to arrest the staff involved with corruption and contraband of their product. The company mentioned that the phone calls record was of great help to them and thanks to the entire Securus team.
  • Calls monitored by Securus has contributed to curbing the use and sale of drugs and alcohol by the inmates. Securus has been monitoring calls conversation concerning money transfer and the distribution of narcotics in the prisons.
  • One of its clients also mentioned how impressed they were with their vision of developing and accessing emerging capabilities which will assist customers to keep security in the nation and the correctional facilities.
  • A client was also very grateful for the organization’s measures which have helped to discourage and monitor products contraband.
  • One of the Securus customers has found support and evidence obtained from a call record of an inmate and his family.
  • Customers did not forget to mention the organization’s new technology LBS, which they are sure will make Securus Technologies a leading jail service and product provider.

According to the Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman of Securus Technologies, Richard Smith, the firm has been developing new products each week to be able to offer quality services and products to their customers. Securus Technologies has its Headquarters in Dallas, Texas. It was established with a primary mandate of serving Law enforcement and correctional facilities. The firm delivers its products and services to more than 3450 correctional institutions and 12000000 inmates all over Northern America. It is devoted to serve and connect b y offering emergency response, incidence management, inmates self-service and monitoring of products and services in jail.



José Borghi, has founded several successful companies

Formerly branded as Borghi Lowe, the Mullen Lowe agency was founded by José Borghi. He is renowned for being thought of, as one the top influential marketing executives, in the publishing arena. Mr. José Borghi’s success, actually flourished, from within his inability to decide, just what to do with his life before entering college, while still in middle school. One day, his sister approached him with the invitation to attend the Castro Neves Theater, to view a live performance. Her goal, was to assist José, in determining which career path to take, The presentation at the theater, was specifically on a variety of highly successful commercial videos, which had received highly esteemed awards in Cannes. The awards, were presented, in the form of gold lions and these awards truly grabbed the attention, of the youthful José Borghi. His exposure to the presentations, inspired with him a correct career path to undertake, because he desired to possess one of those gold Cannes lions, himself.

José Borghi was born in Presidente Prudente, which is where he also graduated, in the area of Advertising and Propaganda. In 1989, José obtained his first employment position, as an editor, at the renowned firm, Standart Ogilvy, a Brazilian advertising agency. José Borghi stood out, among the other agency editors in his field and soon grabbed the attention of several, successful agencies, such as, FCB, DM9 and DDB, to name only a few. This wide-reaching success, in his chosen line of work, led José Borghi to partner up with Léo Burnett and also, Erh Ray, to establish their own Brazilian advertising firm, BorghiErh. Several years later, the company merged with the Mullen group, with Lowe & Partners. The ad agency is now known as, Mullen Lowe Brazil.

New York City and Houston’s George Street Photos and Videos

If you are feeling overwhelmed with all the decisions that you need to make to get ready for your wedding, there is one decision that is very easy. Hire George Street Photos and Videos to do your photos. There awesome staff is available at most locations around the United States.

New York City

There are many wonderful locations in New York City that couples may want to consider. The soaring elm trees at the Mall in Central Park make a stunning backdrop for couples loving outdoor photography. Alternatively, consider Fort Tyron Park as our skilled photographers can set up the photo so that it has Washington Memorial Bridge in the background.


Put Houston’s skyline in the background of your photos by having them taken at Eleanor Tinsley Park if you are getting married in Houston. Alternatively, enhance your photos with leading lines by having them taken at 1400 Smith Street.